Happen as a TNC driver

Alrighty…let’s have some fun here. I think many of us have come up with our words for stuff that happens as a TNC driver. Here’s some of mine:

Punt–when you are in a surge zone and get pinged to a pickup outside of it. The longer the ping distance, the longer the punt. More common on Lyft than Uber. So in my case, being in a surge in downtown Minneapolis and getting pinged in Minnetonka equates to about a 10 mile punt.

Blocked Punt–when the driver rejects said punt. Usually when it’s so long and unrealistic you wouldn’t make money on it.

Clawback–When a driver moves towards another area, then gets a ping close to where they came from. Logging off when relocating usually (but not always) eliminates this.

Anchor–stolen from another driver, but an anchor holds a driver’s car while everyone else is dilly dallying their way to the ride.

Benedict Arnold–pax who cancels when the driver is at or near the pickup point.

Garmin–pax who forcefully argues the directions that a driver is taking.


I had the BIGGEST dumbass the other day. Put the pin at the corner of an empty field and a large warehouse type building. I verified the address in the app before heading out and when we got there she was livid that I hadn’t taken her to the Mall of America. Are you kidding me? That was another 5 miles away. I got a 1 star and when I spoke with the “helpful people” at Uber, they said that since it didn’t really affect my overall star rating (I’m still at 4.93), they weren’t too concerned about it, but to verify the address each time. GAH.

Any pax bringing food in my car is sternly warned that their driver has severe nausea issues and the scent of food tends to trigger sudden vomiting from said driver. Are they willing to risk that and bring said food along or did they want to have it transported in an odor proof container or in the trunk? No, I’m not joking. I do suffer from this condition. Yes, I HAVE puked while transporting a pax, but he was warned. He said wow, you really weren’t joking! Nope, I’m NOT!

The Walking Dead: when a pax insists on not entering a destination because they don’t know where they are going yet or they know the way like the back of their hand.

Catfished: when you’re 100% positive the pax will give you a 5 star rating and/or a tip because you connected emotionally and they left your ass hangin’.

when a pax sets the pickup outside the surge to avoid the extra cost and then calls to try to give you the correct pickup address.

They can be a scallywag AND a dumbass at the same time if they place the pin at an extreme distance away…

true…I called it scallywag because they are usually trying to impress their friends about “getting over on the uber system”. I have my own word though for those pax dumbf**k lol

Damn, I think someone tried to do that to me. He called me at 4 minutes and gave me another address and asked me to come. I said okay, stayed for 30 seconds and cancelled.

Anytime this happens is when you call Lyft critical response and report it immediately. Lyft responds and they have been known to adjust the fare so that you ARE compensated for the pax playing this type of game. I also tend to NOT drive to where they really are but I do hit arrive and wait out the timer. Since pax has called me, then contact has been made and I get my cancellation fee.

Fools Gold: Surge or PT in an area that actually doesn’t have volume to warrant the trip. In my market, that’s the MSP Airport…you burn 8 to 10 dead miles from downtown Mpls to get there, and usually come up empty.

Dumbass (2): Drunk who requests you on Uber from inside a no traffic area, curses you out, and says he’ll call a Lyft. Pings you again. On Lyft.

Both Uber and Lyft seriously need to draw up pickup zones for bar areas just as they do for large events and stadiums. In Mpls the police block off six square blocks every Friday and Saturday at 130am. Yet pax can request doorside service in an area it’s illegal to drive into. If they developed these zones, I would serve the Mpls Warehouse District. As it stands I don’t despite that area having the largest surges this market has.

Go, hit ARRIVE on your way and then call them when you are 30 seconds out to see where they are. And when you hit arrive you know you can see where they are going , so decide if its worth it or not.

even that strategy would be tough in the Mpls Warehouse District…because streets are blocked and you legally can’t reach them and much of the time explaining that to these idiot pax is nearly impossible. This is one of the most brutal bar close districts in the nation imho…there have been numerous fatalities in this district at bar close.

That said, this strategy WILL work like a charm both Uptown and Northeast Mpls…so I’ll take this there. Thx!

I love on LYFT you can see the destination, so if you want to wait longer to get them , it’s your call. You know if it’s a short ride than getting paid to cancel pays more ! Only issue I have is once you hit arrived with Lyft you no longer see you the destination to pick them up so I screenshot it and then I make sure that the screen shot took so I still know where I’m going when to pick them up.

I can see the pick up location even after I tap arrive on Lyft. You can always enlarge the pic and it will zoom in as close as you want it too. My app shows me an outline of the destination as well while the 5 minute timer counts down as well. I hit arrive about a block b4 I actually get there just so I can see where they are going and then decide if I’m willing to do that trip.

Uptown and NE Mpls…this strategy will work phenomenally because you wait in lines to get to pax, yet you still can reach them if you’re willing to wait long enough. Or it also gives them the option to meet you where you are, and take them the hell outta there!

The Biographer: With all the personal questions, they are surely writing your life story.
Vicarious Thril Seeker: They want one thing and one thing only (besides turning the AC up, the radio to a different station, and a quick stop at a gas station) and that is to hear your craziest passenger story!

Minor Lie: Pax who pings you and then calls to tell you to pick up their unaccompanied minor(s).
The voyeur: Only likes to hear stories involving sex.
Unicorn: A very long trip that may result in crossing state lines.
Dr. Phil Session: Where your time on a ride is spent listening to a rider’s problem and giving blunt advice. (I have had many of those)
Tech Talk: When the conversation between you and your rider stays on the subject of technology for the duration of the ride. Lots of geekspeak involved.