Hands - Free law

Even though I have been hands-free with my phone for 3-years, with the new “Hands-Free” law in Georgia, passengers are now rating us a 1-Star for touching or reading our apps while driving.

In one day (yesterday), I had at least 3 pax monitoring me with their phones navigation, while instructing me which lanes to drive in and when to turn, even when I was clearly in the turning lane with my turning light blinking. In one day I received 3 “Safety” reports for engaging with the app on my phone. With Ubers new pax rating feature, Uber is allowing some of these people to monitor and rate us during the ride, and they are under the impression that we are not allow to touch are phones.

In less than 24 hours I watch my rating go for a 4.94 to 4.91. The rating is already flawed, but if this continues, its going to devastate our ratings.

How exactly are we suppose to operate our app/phone without touching, reading or swiping it, before, during and after the ride? If there are any Uber Execs or Reps on here – Please address. Because after several emails, multiple calls to 24/7 No-support, and hours on the phone (on hold), I received NO answers and was not allowed to speak to a supervisor or manager.

I know… yet they are being allowed to police us, and they don’t even understand this new law thats not even in effect until 7/1. I have not been in Smyrna or Marietta… And the details of the GA state is the one in question, according bob police and GA State Troopers/Dept. of Public Safety.

There was some guy that posted in the group about wireless headphones a couple of weeks ago. That was the best tip for me. I went and bought some and now listen to the navigation. It’s so much better because before, I would tinker with the app while driving to see what my next couple of turns would be. Now I just listen and drive. I’ve actually gotten 2 compliments about good navigation since then as well. Hopefully, you can get your ratings up soon.

True. Maybe they dont need our services. Since now the pax can nit pick on everything. Dont stress over it we all have those days. Just be safe and keep those wheels rolling

Thats not the issue… I have headphone which according to the law we can only wear in one ear. But, voice navigation is not going take the place of touching our phones screen to accept a request, clear Uber pop-ups during the ride, reading the ETA or step-by-step directions, etc. Also, this is not just about me and my ratings, these pax are policing us without a real understanding of this new law. I was spoken to the Cobb police about this and it recently came up in an interview I had with some State Patrol officers. And, they told me that they are still trying to get understanding on this new law.

I do agree with what you’re saying. I just decided I’d mention about the difference in using my EarPods to allow the voice navigation to guide me versus continuously tinkering back and forth with my phone only because I received two written compliments and 1 verbal compliment from a passenger stating he appreciated that I didn’t constantly play with my phone and kept my eyes on the road while driving. I thought it was weird, but I just said thanks. Obviously, this is something pax are paying attention to now. The problem here is I really don’t think they understand that there are times during the ride where we may have to touch our phones.

Are y’all giving feedback about the Uber app? Before I cut the app on today Uber asked how I felt and I left a long damn dissertation about the use of the app and how it needs to be simplified. And I have an example. I feel if more ppl left feedback maybe they’ll try and fix it🤷🏽‍♀️ who knows lol

Maybe they should just automatically add the next ride to your que just like they automatically add the next pool rider to ride to avoid touching the app. It’s too much while driving to take your eyes off the road to tap. Just my opinion

I can’t remember, it’s been months since I’ve done any rides, not sure I want to go back to driving if it’s getting worse.

I don’t mind passenger sitting up for it, I normally do not have a bad experience with that. But I am selective about who I allow to help me with navigation. Not everybody is a good backseat driver or front seat driver.

Right… It takes more effort to touch to go in and cancel that trip they just added if its a Pool or a ride you don’t want. We don’t have to take our eyes of the road no more than we do when we adjust the radio, CD player, or the heating and air. The pax don’t have a problem asking us to turn the air up… Now, that DOES take our eyes off the road for several seconds. This is an issue… And putting a band-aid on it is not going to resolve it

According to 3 different State Troopers, the law is not clear, especially for ride-sharing drivers. They told me that it needs tweaking, and that may take until next year to fix it. Actually, I never take any in-coming calls while I’m on a trip. But, I have to touch it to clear it from obstructing my navigation, just like when a new ride request comes in during a current riders trip.

You can do a single touch. Like to make a call, accept a ride request etc. you can also look at a navigation app. When there are many negative review from pax, uber deactivate account. Start ignoring their calls and texts from now on.