Had to kick out my first pax today

Get to the pick up, 4 min later a kid comes out. Start the trip an see it’s to lake highlands high. Give him the spill he say my sister coming who is, ok cool i need her id. She come back with a birth certificate, while looking for d.o.b mom comes out. With attitude “can i get that back now” i say “im sorry i can’t find her info” her “this shit is stupid a aint never had no driver ask me for this”. few other words exchange then i tell them to exit my vehicle. Since I started the trip i knew what was next so while emailing uber another driver shows up.

U shouldn’t have let them in ur car if u have a feeling they are a minor, they can wait outside while u ask questions and see if they are of age to ride alone, I wouldn’t take or accept anyone’s birth certificate, that’s just unnecessary even though they were the one who brought it out. I don’t waste time going back and forth with any rider, if they don’t have the requirement to take a ride I don’t let them get in and there’s no much discussion. I don’t start a trip till I’m sure I want to and the rider is ready to go, it’s not a good idea to start a trip when things aren’t in order .

We have the Uber Police License, please.

Really you should have just taken the ride now they will 1 Star you which you deserved

Then why drive you do understand that just driving has legal ramifications more grave then just transporting minors.

Your logic makes no sense

Its simple you started the trip then tried to verify their age with a birth certificate then made a damn fool out of yourself only to have to cancel the ride.

More then likely you will be 1 Stared and wasted time and money for both.

only after starting the trip is how i found out i need to verify. If people would follow the rules i wouldn’t have had to cancel. The mom was home she could have went to drop them off it was two miles away. But thanks for blaming the person trying to do the right thing.

Since when is a school id a valid form of identification? That and a birth certificate do not add up to a state issued id. If you think they look underage, card them. It’s that simple. Only accept state issued ids or passports as a way to verify… starting a trip before verifying age if you think they’re underage is a good way to open yourself up to a lot more headaches… there really needs to be a test to prevent dumbasses from getting paid to drive strangers

To everyone who think it’s ok to take minors because nothing will happen i say good luck. It’s not worth the $3 you make to find out. But thanks for being judgmental today as always!

So sitting and waiting you make more than hitting start trip and sitting and waiting. That also would’ve prevented this entire problem of you started a trip and being forced to end it early and not getting paid at all… had you say and waited, you would at least get a cancel fee

so many bully drivers slamming for sharing some valid information. He was right to question the riders and correct to cancel the trip. So what that he started the ride - we all learn. Lyft would protect the driver from retaliatory rating. this is where UBER is a complete fail.

how exactly are you trying to improve by not listening to our advice that you fucked up? Do we need to hold your hand on every trip like you’re a toddler? Doing this job, you’re responsible for the safety of other people. You have to be able to think for yourself. You couldn’t have possibly thought this post was going to get everyone thinking “Kenyatta knows their shit, lets all listen to Kenyatta…”

So you really wasted your time looking at a damn birth certificate? Why did you start the trip is another question…All that going back and forth in the house getting a birth certificate, getting the sibling, arguing with mom, while the trip started. Wow :woman_facepalming:t5:

the driver had no idea the ID presented would be a birth certificate and was being professional by at least looking at what was presented - try a little kindness toward your fellow driver.

yes i asked for id they came out with birth certificate. She had not even came out the house. The guy called an told her to bring id. Normally i would have said no sign as i seen the birth certificate, but i was trying to be understanding since they did try to provide something with out being a jerk about it. I didn’t ask for any feedback or advice,i was just sharing something that happen to me.

not worth the time. You did the best you could given the circumstances and thank you again for sharing so the rest of us don’t feel so isolated in dealing with this crap.

I’m gone try this again. The trip was started because i thought this guy was by himself,an there is a community college near so i thought he was going there seeing as it was 10am an high school started already. An even if it was to a high school they are likely 18 an have id so it would have still been fine. An it would have been had the mother not came out acting like a asshole. I would have matched the name an pic on the school id with the name on the birth certificate an been in the way.

I wonder if the people that are so critical of Kenyatta following the policy. If a minor accused the driver of doing something to them, when they actually didn’t. Would they still think it’s ok to break the TOS rules. When their fighting to clear their name.

If a pax is an adult and wants to do adult things they need to have their ids in order.

What? Im supposed to beleive them when they tell me their 18??? Gtfoh

If you can’t prove to me your age i will be leaving you where you stand.

Please give me an example where a minor has personally sued Uber for taking them to school I will wait.

You all watch too much Judge Judy and TV get a life and just drive unless you’re personally qualified to give me legal advice for my state.

The only ride I refused was no baby seat when transporting a mom and 10mos.old infant.

I did pick up 2 14yr. Olds in the pouring rain. My neighbor hood!