Had my first entitled rider yesterday

She hops in and immediately asks for an iPhone charger, which I usually keep in the car, but my daughter swiped it for her ipod. When I said I didn’t have one available, she sucked her teeth. A few moments later she asked for mints or candy, and I responded in a pleasant tone, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have any. I’m aware some drivers offer amenities, but I don’t.” She asked, “Why?” in a not so nice tone. I responded in kind with, “First of all, it is not a requirement. Second, I choose not to.” There was silence the rest of her ride.

you could’ve had an open bar, a cappucino machine, a masseuse, a pedicurist, and Cirque de Soleil for her and she would still give you one star and complain.

I used to keep charging cables in the outlet in the back but they kept getting stolen. Now I offer, but they are long ones I got off Amazon and are plugged in up front. I also used to keep gum back there as well, but they stole that too. I don’t offer gum anymore.

Same here with the chargers. People will walk away with them for sure. I have never provided mints, gum, candy, water, etc. If I drove a lot, then I probably would have mints handy at the least.

During Halloween, I had a bucket of candy in the back. The last rider got in and apparently dumped the whole container in his backpack because when I went to check at the end of the day- it was totally empty :confounded:

Yep someone took my charger and it will NEVER be replaced – they have a port in the back to plug their own equipment into :hugs:

Ur hub is to transport the pax from point A to point B safely. Mints, water and charge cords are extra are above and beyond what is required (hint, hint, tip tip everybody’s happy)

Ur job is to transport the pax from point A to point B safely. Providing mints, water and charge cords are extra. This is above and beyond what is required (hint, hint, tip, tip then everybody’s happy)

I had a baby choking in back seat from a peppermint. (Not breathing)

Mom was on her phone and didn’t notice. I had to pull over, fight the mother to get baby and preform CPR. TRUE STORY. I posted a month ago to warn other drivers. Tell them that. And as for chargers, aux cords etc. I kept buying them and they kept growing legs so I stopped. No apologies. I just politely explain that we can stop at gas station for them to purchase one… I can wait.

She wawasa good lady but her husband cou have as well. From a legal standpoint I may have been liable. And what if I did not know CPR? Not an Uber requirement

When you get those, “Sorry, only the high rated drivers that only take passengers rated higher than you or I can afford such luxuries. The rest of us have to get by as best we can on tips. But with hard work, you can improve your rating out of the 4.8 cesspool where it is now!”

Entitled pax can be humbled.

I would cancel that immediately…it’s no win for you… a Roland Martin Ambush… ask for everything Uber.put on the menu in hopes you will tell them no or argue over it… they can hang their hat on it and report you to uber…
maybe to skim a free ride and/or get you deactivated.

I would have said I only offer rides.so b😡tch brush yo teeth and charge yo phone before you get in.I swear some people got these pax spoiled.not me

Yeah that’s true only a dollar so. Maybe I’ll do that when I have time to stop by a Dollar Tree. I will also buy an Apple charger eventually I’ve got thing in my back where I can fill it up with stuff.

When I first started driving I had three (3) people throw-up in my BMW, on three (3) separate occasions. One guy threw- up sitting behind me and he got that crap on all over the back of the driver’s seat and on my arm(s). Good service is one thing, but that’s too far! Not going to happen again. I don’t care anything about an Uber/Lyft cleaning fee.

I had it on Uber Select, did not get a bunch of select calls, but I still got tons of calls for pools. I had bags, wet wipes and tissue in the car at the time, a lot of good it did.

Two things I changed right away; 1) I brought a 2016 Camry to drive in. 2) I don’t transport people who are visibly hammered, stumbling or need assistance to get in the car because they have had too much to drink! Simple statement, “sir/mam you are going to have to call for another driver…” End of story, no additional commentary needed past that point.

Remember, you are not rated if the trip never starts. And if you don’t have an argument or long drawn out verbal exchange, the passengers usually has no reason to text or email with a particular complaint. They will usually just call for another driver. Let someone else who is willing to deal with that type of stuff have it.

The management staff at Uber/Lyft seem to feel that this is just a normal part of the business. But of course, none of them are driving total strangers in their cars all hours of the day and night, driving in thunder storms and hazardous weather conditions and all the other things that drivers are faced with are they? But for those of us who offer driving services on these platforms, this is either your part-time hustle or you full-time job, so you have to be professional, do the best you can and do what works best for you.

This is “little B.” These days he stays at home in the garage whenever I am driving Uber… No one else is throwing-up in him. Warning or no warning… Some people are okay dealing with that. If its okay for them then so be it. As for me, that’s where I draw the line.

The Camry I drive Uber in has cloth seats. I’ve had one minor incident in it, but that was an accident. Luckily, it was not a really big mess. But even with leather seats, I don’t want somebody throwing-up in my car, having that shit all over the place. I do not like the prospect of having to deal with someone else’s unsanitary body fluids on me or in my car!

I had the same thing happen to me Thursday evening. Chick didn’t like my car because of the quality of it. I rated her a 3 because she kept asking for things I didn’t have. You can obviously see my phone is not an iPhone and then she was spraying hairspray and perfume all in the car. These ppl wear too much of that stuff. I have to eventually let the window down because of it. I was about to tell her about how she could improve but she wouldn’t have listened. After hearing get convo with her friend she feels she’s entitled to everything

I have a real problem with Lyft encouraging riders to believe that water, mints and an aux cable will be available in their rideshare service, all at the driver’s expense. I stopped carrying mints and water very early on when at the end of arrive in a poor neighborhood a woman saw my mints and water and asked “are these for us?” and proceeded to grab a couple of bottles of water and half of my mint to-go as she got out of my car.

The people who usually want to use the aux cable are rowdy groups of young people on Friday or Saturday nights going out to party and they expect to blast their music at full volume. Of course if you have to say “no” for any reason (no you can’t eat/vape/smoke/listen to your music at full volume) to a passenger it’s probably going to effect your rating. So by leading their customers to expect an aux cable Lyft is creating the situation where they’re pitting the drivers against the riders. This puts the driver in a situation where they may feel pressured to allow an unsafe condition (music playing at full volume) in order to protect their rating. Bad move Lyft.

We’re offering a discount taxi service in nicer cars, and we’re supposed to provide “amenities”, entertaining conversation and local knowledge as well as we drive around listening to the rider’s music? Has any drivers out there been asked by your riders if it’s OK for the rider to play their kind of music? I never have. People that ask to use the aux cable demand it like it’s their right.

I have satellite radio in my car and when people get in I usually have smooth jazz playing unless I think they might like something else based on their demographic. When they get in I ask if the music is OK and if they prefer something else or nothing. I keep my car spotless, drive safely and navigate accurately. I have a high rating. I do try to provide the best service I can. My comments above are not based on hating my job or the riders. If Lyft wants us to have free goodies for the PAX and wants to create that expectation in their customers then they need to budget that in (pay for it, not us).

Amen to this! Although, I don’t get that kind of requests anymore. I think the point of cheap rides has gotten through to the passengers. You just can’t have it both ways.