Had a 92 year old PAIN in my ass passenger

I had a passenger earlier mind you it was 92 out and she gets in my car and immediately complains that my car is to cold. I immediately apologized and said I would turn it down. Sec later she again says for me to turn it off. I said I will put it on lowest setting and she says NO OFF!! I then pulled over and asked her to open her door confused she opens it,and I said do you feel that heat? She said yes so I said good get out of my car and enjoy that! This was about 2blks from her destination. Ughhh she was a PAIN in my ass.

Every one I’ve known in treatments has always been heat sensitive (especially those who have chosen to use wigs not scarfs) not cold sensitive?

If she is that sensitive to ac/cold she should bring a jacket with her instead of trying to force the driver to just deal with the heat.

I have people complain all the time that I keep my car too cold. I don’t mind turning it down, but it ain’t getting turned off. Don’t like it, take a bus. I had a lady demand I turn it off, never asked, and kept calling me “Uber driver” even though she knew my name. I told her it stays on, willing to turn down, but if I have to turn it off, I’d have to end the trip.

Yeah, that’s a no go. I’ll adjust the air up, & down upon request, but off isn’t an option. I’m not sweating to take someone around. Not happening. I usually accommodate their requests, but not that one. No WAY!

The only time I’ll turn off the heat or AC is at my other job as a paramedic, I’ll gladly suffer through the heat if it means you have a greater chance of living after being involved in a trauma. Even when 90° outside.

We can not be like this!!! We have to be better than taxis. 2 blocks would not have killed you. Maybe because I have high customer service expectations and can be a pain in the ass as a customer is why I feel like you just give the customer what they need, or maybe my retail background. I dont think we should ever be this way unless they are damaging your vehicle or causing the ride to be unsafe. smh

I’m sorry I disagree, I have great customer service and a 4.92 rating, I go out of my way for my pax but sometimes pax rubs you the wrong way and you just have to say enough is enough…

did you honestly do this or is it just a joke! if you did it yay you because sure would love to on some of mine but don’t lol

I honest to god did that. I was very nice to her and immediately turned it to low (mind you it was 2 clicks above low) and when she continued to complain, and said NO OFF, I was DONE!!

Yes we do need to have some customer service… but we are rideshare, not retailers. So the customer is not always right. If you want to go above and beyond, that is your right, just as it’s other’s right to kick their ass out for being rude.

I get where you’re coming from but if that were the case, and even if she didn’t want to disclose her medical history, she could have just said something like “Hey, I’m really sensitive to cold temperatures, I know it’s a hot box outside but would you mind turning the air up or off for the ride?” She just chose to be rude about it. Bad day or not, she shouldn’t have been so rude.

Oh her car her rules!! She has every right. Just think it makes the rest of us look bad. And then to be proud of it and post it hmm… PAX are going to be rude just is part of the job. As long as they are not creating an unsafe ride or damaging your vehicle, buck up be the the bigger person, show the community we are better than the bitter taxi drivers.

And you think that’s fine for you to behave that way? Being too cold is extremely uncomfortable for some, but even if that didn’t occur to you, that was definitely not the way to handle yourself. That’s one more bad mark against all of us.

I freeze all the time in air conditioning so I have to take a long sleeve with in case they want it colder in my car. But I would not tell them no nor would I put them out. I would just have to suffer along. I always ask if the weather is nice just to see if I get lucky enough to have the windows down.

Any guys ever do a ride with no shirt on during that heat stretch a few weeks back or am I the only one? Not the most professional thing, but it was hot and muggy.

Not “the most professional” thing? :confused: It’s completely unprofessional and kind of gross knowing sweat’s got no place to go besides into the seat. Flip the situation: Would you want a sweaty rider in your car that way? Get a couple shirts made of wicking fabric & swap out if it still feels icky at some point.

You need to be more understanding. Thats totally taxi cab personality. Ok she was a bit rude but oh well take her to her destination and give her a 3. Drivers trip on way to much.

My car only has A/C in the front so I’m almost always freezing when driving. It sucks massively. I would preferably turn it off or put it on low. I’ll suffer the heat if I have to. Hate freezing.

I knew that was a thing but I didn’t know it looked quite so ridiculous lol But somewhere I know I’ve also seen vent covers that work for cars. The car I have now is the first one I’ve ever had that the vents close really well on but there’s still one that squeaks air out and freezes just this one spot on my arm. I put one of my cell phone holders there to block it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: