Guys what are your Uber and Lyft best practices?

Here are mine:

  1. I ask them their name to make sure it matches the ping & verify the destination address.
  2. If it’s an Uber pool ride, I tell them right away so they aren’t surprised if we stop to pick up more passengers.
  3. Since I have a tip box I offer water. Usually if people take a water I end up getting a tip. This actually makes me A LOT of extra money. Here’s where I got my tip box.
  4. I tell them I am going to follow the directions that the GPS gives me because it takes into account traffic and is usually the fastest and if they want me to take a different route to just let me know. That way if their way is longer it’s on them.
  5. I always turn on a smooth Jazz station because it sets a calm tone.
  6. I follow their lead when it comes to conversation.

What do you do? Did I miss anything?

Virtually everything you’ve mentioned. I offer them the option for radio station. I’ll throw out an ice breaker just to see what kind of response I get to see if the passenger is conversational

But the letting them know about picking other passengers for pool is key.

My opening line: “Hi, I’m Tori, can I please get the name of the person that requested the Lyft/Uber?”

FYI, if they cancel (because they didn’t know it was Pool) you don’t get credit for a ride (Trip count toward incentives), but you’ll probably get a cancellation fee since its most likely more than 5 minutes since they requested. Just make them cancel so it doesn’t go on your Cancellation rate.

I don’t say hi until they do and I shut up… Unless I feel like talking lol. Usually have npr playing

Those are mine as well, I also like to mention that google now owns waze and google maps has the waze information filtered into it. Just so they know traffic is up to date. As for music since I now use pandora thru the app I mention that they are free to change the station thru their rider app.

I do all of those as well, number 3 though, so if they didn’t mean to do a pool ride they can cancel and re order their Uber and since I’m a be right in front of them they get me again correct?

It’s possible but not guaranteed. I had a PAX try that once and it gave him a driver 5 mins away 3 times. So he just waited and I left onto another PAX.btw he was inside my car.

I do exactly the same, just want my passengers to feel good and I think I do great yet some people have rated less than 5 stars, I guess you just can’t win with some people.

I pick them up, verify who they are, say Hi how are you, get them from point A to Point B in the most quickest reasonable amount of time, They get a phone changer I phone or Android. I offer no water, no snakes, no gum, no candy, no AUX cord . If engaged in conversation we talk if not I just listen to the music low

You missed the part about telling them the car is made of steel and when the sun goes down it gets dark, why are you explaining so much to them?

What station is your jazz station?

Lol it sounds like a lot written out but setting the right expectation is key

good points. I am sure most seasoned drivers do the same. Let’s hope the new drivers take notes from your post. Good post…

I also did #1, 2, 4, 6ENYA STATION), 7. But, I offer them candies, my smile

I ask the pax their name, confirm their address, ask if temp in car is fine and play top 40 pop station and roll out!

I have satellite radio and Spotify premium. I also supply water and a couple varieties of gum. With gum I always buy the cylindrical shaped containers as they fit nicely in the cup holders in the middle of the back seat area