Gun to the back of my head - Oakland

I just had an incident Monday night driving for Uber, and despite an initial quick response, they have not responded to 4 emails back to their email.

Myself and two of my Uber Pool passengers had guns put to our heads and were robbed of our valuables (phones, wallets, etc). Two guys in a car sped up and passed us on the wrong side of the street, blocked us in, ran towards us with guns and put one to the back of my head as they demanded we give them our stuff. Then they drove off.

I have a number of concerns with Uber’s handling of this situation, how it should be handled, whether they are going to help me replace my phone, etc. I have little expectations.

I see now that Oakland is still the most dangerous city in N CA and even with the gentrification that can be seen, the very real dangers still exist in various parts despite what appears to be a fresh new mix of people.

They think nothing of sending drivers into the neighborhoods to provide their service. When workers work in dangerous conditions they are made aware of the the risks, they are informed of what to do in various circumstances, and basically receive training for safety. Uber says nothing of the dangers drivers should be aware of, they don’t inform drivers of how to best handle possible robbery situations at gunpoint, etc. Yet they freely send us, and other unsuspecting rideshare passengers into one of the most dangerous cities in the USA and say nothing to help us keep ourselves safe should we encounter a gun put to the back our head.

What suggestions might you guys have? Clearly they would not ignore this if it were an “employee”…

Who’s up for driving in Oakland???