Gun for self defense

I was thinking more about when driving, although if you are carrying or own one when not driving I’d think about other situations like a home invasion. Thought my friend was breaking into his house, the guy definitely has an untrained, nervous, full of anxiety trigger finger. He asked her to please call him ahead of time and not just show up at his door. There are far too many instances of a gun owner shooting a relative at their house by mistake.

Your friend’s friend needs to get rid of his guns and get on some anti anxiety medication IMMEDIATELY.

No one walks through life completely fearless. That’s not human. A little fear keeps you alert and alive. Its only when you let it control you - such as letting fear make all your decisions for you instead of just being a properly proportional factor dependent on the realistic level of danger - that you run into trouble.

I think it goes back to the difference between needing protection, wanting protection and planning on needing protection. Those who need protection should not be driving. I’m all for wanting protection as long as you are properly trained and know you will most likely get arrested for assault if used improperly and sued.

I’m going to assume that by “needing protection” you mean someone who is like your friend’s friend who you have to call to let them know you’re coming so you don’t accidentally catch a bullet. In that case yes I fully agree with the statements made.

defensive weapons or guns are not only not a good idea, the company does not allow it and in some states or jurisdictions are illegal. You can always do what you want, take a chance and figure you’re better off prepared for the guy who doesn’t follow the law.

Most drivers on here are better off calling 911, taking the keys and getting out of their car than confronting a pax, it will only get worse if you take other measures from talking or reasoning with a pax to bringing a weapon into the situation. If you focus on your defensive weapon before calling 911 you’ll lose.

No one says focus on your weapons. They are there ONLY if needed. Your focus should ALWAYS be on getting home safe and 99% of THAT is avoiding physical conflicts with your words. THAT should be your focus but just because its your focus doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t be able to defend yourself with something stronger if need be.

The problem is most people are not trained, most people are scared, most people don’t have a plan. I can’t suggest drivers get a gun or a defensive weapon knowing they will overreact and escalate a situation. Driver attacks are almost zero, driver’s don’t have money and most are from drunk pax who were fine one minute and angry the next

These situations can be handled without weapons. Calling 911 must be first, no matter what. Just like CPR, you call 911 first so they are on the way, to help you. No one is helping you and things will most likely get worse, in seconds. I think my issue is you are trained and have a plan, most here just grab mace or something and hope that works, it doesn’t.

I never decoupled getting a weapon from training. If you can afford the weapon you can afford to learn how to use it safely. If you think otherwise then you really CAN’T afford the weapon. You’re just another hazard.

If a driver is really so unthinking as that I doubt a blanket statement of “carry no weapons” is going to dissuade them. The only people you might likely dissuade are those with little knowledge on the subject but who are seeking that information so they can do the right thing as well as protect themselves.

It takes me longer to step from my vehicle than it does to grab my gun from the door. That won’t be a problem. And as someone who has had to draw a weapon more than once I can assure you it takes WAY less than 2 seconds to draw and make that choice.

Its interesting you safe affluent areas… I will point out Taco Bell exec happened in safe affluent area. Its not the area, bottom line, its the passengers. Be mindful of the hour is the best safe recommendation.

Crime can happen anywhere. However it is more likely to happen where there is a HIGH CRIME RATE. Such places are often poor, the residents marginalized and desperate. Such as Inglewood and Detroit where the last two Uber driver homicides occurred.