GrubHub driverpayments

(Lesley) #1

I’ve been driving for GrubHub for just 2 weeks. I haven’t received the weekly direct deposits in my bank account yet even though they sent me emails saying the money was sent. I don’t have any issues with the amounts. I contacted their driverpayment support and received the robo response saying they would respond in 3 days. It has been 10 days since my first message and no response. I’ve sent another one and got no response. I contacted my local driver support rep and he verified that my banking info is correct but when I asked him if he knows if my direct deposit was sent, he didn’t respond and won’t respond to any other emails or voicemails. I’m not going to drive for them any longer but want the $750 they owe me. Has anyone else had this issue? How did you get in touch with someone to help you? Is this a new tactic to get free deliveries because it is impossible to talk to anyone?