Great conversation with tips

Never ceases to amaze me. I’ve driven well-to-do couple’s over 50 miles to their home in very high end neighborhood, no conversation and no tip. Then I drive a younger “hippie” type guy who doesn’t look like he has a pot to piss in, 10 miles and he tips $10. Great conversation, singing and just a happy guy. I guess money doesn’t always make u happy. Snobs suck.

Do you think people with money, have money because they placate to people’s desire to give them money?

That’s been my going theory on it. But what really gets me is when they do tip somebody to do something they’re more than capable of doing themselves. I’ve always found that funny for some reason.

Tips are energy. If I get a ride where the driver doesn’t communicate with me, says nothing on a 50 mile ride that opens up conversation well…Well, that would be a no tip from me too. You get paid for the ride. You get tipped for the energy you share and the way you help me feel. It is not guaranteed or required. It is not required to tip anywhere, and I do it all the time. Do you tip the tow truck driver, or the mechanic, or the garbage man? I do sometimes. It’s when they go above and beyond. That’s when people tip me in the Lyft. When I exceed expectations. Not when I drive to a fancy neighborhood. Re-realize that because the home is bigger has nothing to do with expendable cash. You want it to rain hundred dollar bills, but are you singing and dancing for your dollar. I promise wealthy people don’t read these posts and feel.obligated to tip after reading your slant. Love people and they tip sometimes. That is truth. Expectation kills. I hope you find a great day filled with habitual tippers to spark your day off right.

I’m not complaining about the lack of tipping, only about 10% of pax tip here anyway. But the negativity and all around miserableness from certain people is what I was referring to. I attempted conversation with them multiple times but one word responses tell me they aren’t interested in talking. They were more interested in checking the status of their dogs through their surveillance system on the phone. Oh well. Some people just aren’t talkers.

Tips aren’t a requirement. A nice little bonus from time to time but I don’t expect them and its nice when they do. Just Enjoy your job and don’t worry about the tips.

this entire statement is bs every pax that i ever helped with luggage has never tipped , when i first started driving for Uber (2013) i offered water, chips, candies , gum , etc ppl get in my car drink my water use my auxiliary cord and get that lame ass out my car and no tip and 9 times out of ten they would rate a 4 (and think they did something) i no longer provide snacks, water Anything i give them a ride from point a to point b i don’t have aux cord you can change my station nun of that shit take this ride and keep it moving i gives two fucks about their tips my rate maintain a 4.7 - 4.9 i am polite i sometimes talk and sometimes not it depends on the pax and the vibe i get from them i no longer go above and beyond i do what I’m out here to do and nothing more, do i expect a tip? Yea because it’s the right thing to do i provide good service i should be. Tipped i don’t have to kiss your ass to get that tip and any pax that thinks dat can keep dat shit again I’m polite and i get you where you are going safely this is not an ass kissing contest

I hear ya brother. I vibrate to a different time but I totally get ya. I’m gonna keep doing it my way and am.happy that you found a way that works and gives you the results you want too! One love.

Know I’ve never tipped a flight attendant? I think they should always be tipped a couple bucks each. No one does, though. Flight attendants serve drinks and snacks so it’s not a horrible idea for UberLyfers to do so for pax as well lol.

The best tip for a FA - a bag of M&Ms at the beginning of the flight.

No messy hands
Fast to eat
The perfect FA snack

They get paid a whole hell of lot better. Uber uses the restaurant model of business. Instead of investing in drivers, they compete by riding the tipping method of enticing a revolving door of eager newbies.

Did you ask for a tip? Did you face them with a habd out as they exited? Did tipping cime uo when they asked how u like driving for ubwr (they always ask)? Do you ha e signs or a tio. Box… I make a ton in tips … Over 40% of fares…but i ask for them. Well… Thats why you arent gonna get any… I like money more then the illusion of professionalism… We are taxis… Folks tip taxis… I expect a tip as well… Why i make a good living doing this… Wouldnt otherwise

I find it more appropriate to say, “I’d really appreciate it if you could use the app to give me a rating. Thanks!” That gives them a nudge to take a look at the app and rate, which also subtly encourages them to tip. If I asked for tips, I definitely would get fewer of them.

Ratings are meaningleas abd folka think a good rating means something. I tell filks ratings mean nithing and we need tipa to make decent $ since uber cut the ratesin half awhile back … I atill have a 4.92 after 5k ridea so it doesnt hurt my rating… And beibg rated high doesnt help you… Deactivation isnt til 4.50. Id i make 100 in fares i do 45 in tips… I have snacks and waters and all in my car too… But if i didnt ask id get 5 or 10 bucks per 10p in fares… I drive mostly international tourists in miami

they won’t deactivate you then i agree with you regarding the rating it is very meaningless my score is up and down it’s all over the place i have never asked a pax for a tip i don’t even have a box nor do i have a sign I’ve been with Uber since the beginning (2013) and back then we didn’t have tipping so it doesn’t bother me one way or another i do this as a way to stay busy in my off days from my full time i guess that’s why I’ve been able to continue to do this for so many years

Didn’t you get the memo? They’re better than you because they’re rich, and shame on you for thinking you were good enough to talk to them.

True. I’ve driven couples to the Lakeway area of northwest Austin and dropped off at enormous homes with front doors my Suburban could easily drive through. No rating, no tip. On 12/22 I drove a guy to a restaurant in the same town as pick up. My pay was $9. He tipped $20. I don’t typically like the excursions to northwest Austin.

Ummm…some “rich” people drive for Uber/Lyft for their own reasons. I believe it is the personality of the person, may it be the rider or the driver. How much money one makes doesn’t have anything to do with it. I get tips from rich and poor, I don’t get tips from rich or poor.