GPS decided to take me down a NATURE TRAIL

So I’m doing this Lyft ride and its taking a guy back to base. I’m all for adventure so I say why not. Most roads don’t register on GPS unless they’re legit. So we continue down and its going good, we see an owl, armadillo and a bunch of deer. Then the road gets really rocky and there’s flooding so that’s where I decided enough was enough were turning around :joy::joy:. I stopped the trip probably 10-15 minutes before dropping him off because I felt bad and we were having major difficulties finding the place. It was A 48 dollar ride and he still tipped $5!

If you stop the ride with a pax in your car and you’re in an accident that is insurance issues.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Well the point of a group called 101 is to impart knowledge on less than informed people… ehhem… and I get that you were trying to tell a cool story about your awesome off road adventure and how awesome you are by not charging the pax the time and gas it took for you to correct your mistake of taking that route and I know you wanna brag about your $5 tip…

But the most important thing to remember is that you can get royaly screwed if your luck didn’t last as long as your poor instinct to travel off road and neither the platform or or your private insurance would’ve covered you in an accident.

Take the advice and learn from it instead of being snarky

You obviously were unaware if you’re admitting to breaking tos and bragging about it

Buh bye.

You have nothing to teach me and you don’t wanna learn.


Difference in helping and trying to put out bad vibes!:metal:t3: cool story glad you saw some owls and stuff. Happy passengers=successful trips.
This coulda been a super helpful tip to her…worded in a not so powerful way💫

You can’t have a different opinion about a RULE. You either understand it or you don’t.

So since you’re your own boss and rules don’t apply to you speed down the road and tell the cops you’re a ride share driver and you don’t have to abide by rules…

Same logic applies to the insurance companies.

What’s the point of even having insurance if you’re not going to follow the tos of having it?

Just cancel it and save yourself the monthly payment. They’re not going to cover you anyways since you can’t follow the rules they put in place for it to be eligible.

Heres some more advise…

If you’re in that same predicament again complete the ride as usual. Write in the comment box that you think the fare should be adjusted in the pax favor for the statereason. Follow up with a phone call.

The plarform knows every turn stop and direction you take. They can see if you doubled back.

Im pretty sure if they can do a complete refund to a pax they can make an adjustment or give credit to a future ride or what ever but you have to CYA first.

If you want to get in the paxs good graces before they get out of your car just let them know you’ll be contacting the platform both in writing and on the phone to make sure they don’t get charged extra for the route you weren’t able to complete.

And another useful tip is to not to be so damn rude to people just trying to give you advice and try to actually learn something for once in your life

By uber police you mean someone smart enough to not risk losing all I have due to an accident and not having correct insurance coverage… oh, ok

Real smart people don’t tell people they are smart lol. You sound a little insecure since the young lady isn’t open to your unsolicited “advice” and does not accept your OPINION as her own. Move on sheesh! Bitter people do not make the world better.

Naw… It’s just annoying AF when idiots don’t follow the rules which makes it harder for the rest of us who do.

You do something stupid then word spreads and the pax thinks all drivers do stupid shit and then we have to sit there and explain it to them like they are mentally slow what the rules are and Why they are in place and why I won’t break them just cuz some other broad did. It’s a pain in the ass.

I was reading this, you can provide your advise and what would you do better in this situation and still be nice about it and not offending people-this is my five cents

Better to have knowledge of geography speciallly the place where u are working most of the time and not depend on the gps. People stopped using maps because of gps and other navigation tools. Rest is choice.

LMMAO did she just call you a broad? WOW haven’t heard that word since the 70’s :rofl::rofl::rofl:

A driver must do what they feel is the right thing to do! If you are ok with it & the pax is ok with it then that is all that matters.

Don’t ever end the ride early , you’re putting your self at risk in case of an accident, as soon as the ride ends you are not longer cover by Uber’s/lyft insurance , instead email lyft/Uber to adjust the ride