Government manufactured crisis

The government shutdown has officially broken the record and the effects are rippling through the economy. This is the type of shock that could significantly impact the economy in a negative way. The president has manufactured another crisis that will take months possibly years to recover if this doesn’t end soon. I recommend people start taking precautionary measures such as saving more of your earnings and resources on hand just in case things start to decline. If there is a recession (hopefully not but planning for the worst) the government will be less likely to snap the country out with stimulus packages given the tax decreases the president and previous Republican-led Congress passed last year. So not trying to worry or scare anyone but recommend that we uber/lyft drivers be proactive and plan ahead.

Whatever motivation it takes to stop borrowing and start saving.

Wisdom and money make going through life easier…
“Manufactured”…I smell a Liberal

I’m a Libertarian,right on most, but left on some.
However, with the History of the Democratic party & how it was started, I often ask how is it that most black folks are Democrats ??? Even MLK was a Republican & spoke on Conservative values & principles.

Its 2019…if blk people held everyone accountable for things in the past would be a lot less non-color people existing. The republicans of today are NOT the republicans of Abe Lincoln days.

Definitely manufactured. They had two years to build the wall and waited until last minute to try and push for the wall. They had complete control of 3 branches and couldnt do it. Now they want to blame dems when nobody wants to give Trump some wall that he can throw his name on like he has done with his buildings. To him its a monument and something to gaslight his base.

Nobody is againts border reinforcement. But people are against throwing money at something that gets flown over on overstayed visas.

But the really hard question is can you name all the presidents investigated by the FBI? Take all the time needed. If Trumpolumpolus is a suspected agent of Russia, how does anyone what other Republicans are agents also?

This is about as manufactured as it gets, Most recessions are induced and manipulated by a select few in top financial firms for their own personal gain, but a President would never make a economy this unstable due to personal demands UNLESS the country could handle the fallout because usually the President would have to clean it up or go down as the worst President in history. Donald seems not to care about either.

I’m still trying to figure out why he didn’t do it 2 years ago. I say it’s apart of his plan to play the blame game and his followers to blind to see the game he’s playing. I’m seeing a these federal workers that voted for him they mad they voted for him now

Thank you for your statements. You are right in warning us to prepare.

The difficulty is earning enough to meet basic needs in the first place; much less to put more aside now.

This is the conundrum of 75% of the people: how to go from surviving to thriving/ from work to wealth.

Surely it can be done, but U.S. systems/culture do not support it for most. I will work to find a way/ to put away/ anyway.

In this economy, I’ve found the best way to save is going to be inconvenient, but worth it in the long run for all parties involved.

You have to consolidate families and friends. A roommate situation is more than likely the only way to easily and successfully save when you are paycheck to paycheck. It’s not ideal, but having 3, 4, even 5 incomes contributing to one household can save hundreds a week.

That’s not even necessary. Get multiple streams of income. I just got into retail and make almost $2000 a week on top of rideshare. I save half of all my income from retail. Let’s get this income streaming in. People never stop shopping

Good advice for getting things off the ground. I have a wife and kids, so it’s not as feasible. However, we are working on some new strategies to multiply income streams. I’m going to follow up on any ideas for one.

I get it. I’m not mad at you. I did it for a while, worked out for all of us until we got our shit together. Now we are all gravy in our own homes. But for those that don’t have the means or can’t, it’s a good way to start.

Let it go for a year. Does not matter. We will get control of this for the future generations. Majority of America wants a wall, president representing his constituents