Got sick of this

Im so entirely sick of, if you are questioning if it is me wtf did you open my door geesh; especially when i pull up at your front door, so i just telepathically knew you needed a ride ugh

I always ask their name and prefer when they verify mine. Mostly in public settings when drunks like to get into any car near them, but I still do it at houses out of habit.

Riders should confirm the driver’s name and the driver should confirm the rider’s name. Such practice allows for safe rides for all involved. If the rider hops into any car that pulls up to their house then they might end up in the wrong car with the wrong person, especially if someone is watching their daily routine.

Yeah that gets old fast, especially when you’re the only car around with Uber stickers all over it. Almost annoying as when you see a person who is obviously the pax, and they’re sitting there looking around for a car and they look at every single car driving by but won’t look at you, even though you’re sitting right in front of them.

Yeah I usually don’t get too crazy about confirmation if I’m at someone’s house picking up in a neighborhood. But at an event or in the city, definitely.

I’m usually just not understanding why people can’t recognize the car or my very visible face compared to the profile photo.

You have to they will get into any car that pulls up u would think ppl look at the app to verify make model of the car but they don’t lol so yes they’ll ask hell u should to we had someone on the group pick up a homeless person once llh he had video of it to it gets annoying but you have to do it

They have our pictures we have only their names and most times when i pick up its on secluded streets you see my pic. I hate repetition soo that aggrivates my get in say hi i verify your destination we pull off the end

I want to confirm each other’s names if it’s out in a busy area. Don’t see your issue with this. It’s for both your safety. You want the wrong person in your car? Always confirm. Especially because about 15% of the time the passenger is not the account holder.

Listen nut jobs THEY HAVE OUR PICTURES; THEY KNOW WHAT WE LOOK LIKE and further more They have our pictures and especially when i just got off the phone wit you right when i pull up annoying THE END

My picture my hair is blonde, it’s now dark brown. Completely different look. I would also say that about a third of my passengers have not been the account holder.

Confirming who you are getting in the car with and who is getting in the car with you when you have never seen them a day in your life should be common sense. …picture on the app or not. It’s just as simple as the fact that you can never look both ways too many times before crossing the street. At the end of the day it’s all about safety. Can never be too careful. When you start getting aggravated about stuff like that, it’s time to turn off the app and get some fresh air.

Of course it is common sense, but clearly is more concerned about someone saying her name than using common sense. After all, we are the ones who are nut jobs…

Also assumes each person looks like their photo, the hair is the same, glasses, weight, that each person takes the time to turn around and look you in the eye, no one is wearing a hat etc

I’m tired of it too!!! Or when they book the ride for someone else’s account… an use their name. Oh well you shouldn’t be using someone else’s account… I totally feel YOU on THAT!!! Ive spoke to a driver that comfirmed the pax at pick up and it was the wrong person with the same name… so much for confirming the name huh :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I’m weak as ever and it still doeant mean your picking up the correct person.

Which is why you then have to confirm the destination before you leave. It’s not really perfect the way it is now because that’s the point where things can go wrong at the pickup. It’s a million Camrys, Priuses, Chargers and Accords on Uber lol

Hopefully when more people get Amps and if Uber rolls out Beacons here it’ll help some.

Well don’t we have the reps for Uber and Lyft on every post… I was reply to my home girl post I disnt ask foe y’all. Monica It happens hunni it was hilarious :rofl: Uber and Lyft aren’t that serious to me just a little change I’m a real Professional Class A CDL driver were the rules really apply this isn’t really that serious. An Ish meant it as a joke or vent post and ppl always come with the I know it all attitude towards something we all are aware of the rules just sometimes it erks our nerves geeeeeessssssshhhhhhh… get the uber policy books out cho be-HINDs.