Got sick and hate it

Pneumonia has kept me from driving in the last 3 weeks. Then on top of that I’ve had to move ALL my furniture by myself (washing machine/dryer, 2 fridges, dressers, etc) in the cold and I need a hip replacement as it already. Penske charged my card 2x now I’m in the negative by $200. I have $6 in cash, my car on E and it’s finals weeks. I straight up HATE being an adult

I hope you feel better soon! Just curious. Why not ask for the help on here when you needed for the move? Trust me I’ve been there

I had to move because I had black mold and few other spores floating around. I didn’t want to expose anyone to that on my behalf. I had help, but they cancelled last minute and I already rented the truck

Should of made the request. People like me that had the time would of helped out. I don’t need compensation. For future situations you know what to do now? So sweet! Rideshare is a family

I’m am ex body builder so honestly, I have great and proper lifting techniques. Plus I’m a military brat. This is my THIRTY SECOND time moving, it legit wasn’t too bad. I can move a whole house in 2 days :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Well, while I’m here if anyone knows a licensed and certified plumber point me in their direction. I need an estimate, I just had to pull up carpet at my new place. The sellers will have to pay, but it’s up to me to find the plumber and receive estimates apparently

you seem to be one of the realest folks I’ve ever come across in this group. Convo just seems :100:. If you had asked for help I’m sure you could have easily gotten it. Be blessed dear. I’m sure things will get better for you. 2017 has been the year from hell for me so I can relate. If I can get through all this mess, I have confidence you can too :wink::wink:

Wait a second you have a boyfriend and you’re moving All by yourself.
Did I Miss Anything? I thought you said you’re dating some Nfl dude who make 10 stacks a month

Y’all weirdos, I’ve never asked a man for money and I’m not about to start now. Besides he’s never been to my old house because of how bad it was so I definitely wouldn’t have had him help me move anyways :joy::joy::joy: I wouldn’t let my vest friend inside that hell holes, I know I’m letting a dude I’ve known 2 months :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I am confused
If a woman is dating a Man
He offers to help her
She doesn’t have to ask for Any Type of help from a man she is dating plus.
That sometimes is the issue with some women not putting standards on a man that wants to be in her company.

How can he offer, if he doesn’t even know I need it? Like I said, I’m not asking a man I’ve been I’VE KNOWN for maybe 90 days for money nor help, if he was my Boy friend or he was constantly in my life. That would be different. Beside what I look like having him fly from Arizona just to help me move out my mold infested house? Y’all used to women having no consideration for y’all and think that’s what being a man is all about. I didn’t make this post to ask nor receive help, just to vent. If I wanted to lay around and be taken care of by a man, I damn sure would be getting my Ph.d in genetics

Obviously you’ve texted about this dude before for someone to know you as the girl dating the Nfl dude.
You know he makes 10 stacks per month you mentioned that he is broke just like you are.
It’s not crazy for you to have someone you are dating to provide help when you need it
As you also mentioned he gives money to people just because they ask. Not suggesting that you lay around and let a guy take care of you but C’mon

I’M NOT ASKING A DUDE FOR MONEY GAH FUCKING DAMN HOW HARD IS THE SHIT TO COMPREHEND Idgaf if he was Bill Gates, never asked and I’m not starting now. They only know because a post asked have we ever met a love interest in Uber, I said I met an NFL player and snatched his ass up meaning I got his number and worked my magic. He not my man, we’ve never had sex, he’s never been to my house. I’ve been homeless before and I fought and beat cancer. I was doing just fine until Penske double charged my card. Oh well, shit happens. I’m an adult, I don’t need to borrow or ask for money I DON’T NEED. If my car broke down or my lights are about to get cut off, you know an actual emergency, than yes but my bills are paid and $6 worth of gas will get me to school. I don’t need it to be asking for it, that’s what I keep trying to explain to you. I’m legit just venting

This is like an episode from the con man… No offense, but you have a vagina… way too many thirsty dudes to be on struggle mode. I’m not saying you are trying to con anyone… Your story has too many corners and it’s always changing… dating an NFL player and on broke status is BS…

My daughter once said that too :cry::cry:she hate being an adult. I tell her all the time make sure you tell the young lil girls you see thotting around saying they can’t wait to move out. Pass it on and let them know you have plenty of time take your time and enjoy the parents rules (depending on strict they are) I only asked my daughter to pay 1 bill and keep her room clean everything else taken care off nope she couldn’t do it :cry::cry::cry:

Life can be tough! I too recently had pneumonia and still don’t feel like myself. Anyhoo, this too shall pass!