Got no tip for returning Pax's Iphone

I returned an iphone last week to a pax’ house an hour after they left it in the car. They didn’t even know it was missing. No cash tip from them, because they were evidently tighter than a duck’s arse, and probably no $10 from Uber Support, because they are useless (no offense, happytypist) but at least I got rid of the thing and went on with my shift.

Actually, now that I think about this, I have emailed uber before about a rider who left their phone but I didn’t know which rider. (The girl contacted my uber number the next day and arranged to pick it up.) Ubers response last time was, Great, thank you. But don’t worry, the rider will contact us and we will put them in touch with you.

And that’s exactly what I’ve said I will do. Wait a reasonable couple of weeks.

I don’t get how any of the responsibility to return one individuals phone falls on me. It’s their phone, they can make the effort.

I’ve once again let uber know a rider lost their phone but I have no clue which ride it was because it was discovered at the end of the night.

But ultimately it is their responsibility to try and retrieve their phone. Ubers recommended process is for a rider to email them for the drivers contact info. Pretty ****ing clear and simple. Beyond waiting for that process to happen there’s not much I can do.

If its a smartphone, and it isn’t an iPhone, it’ll charge with a microUSB cable. You can’t tell me that you don’t have access to a microUSB cable

Oh hell, just send it to Amazon, hopefully they’ll get it back to the rightful owner once they power it up and take .053 seconds to realize that someone selling a phone would not do so with 0% battery and no wiping of the data/resetting to factory defaults.

You have wasted way more than 5 minutes insulting the people who are trying to give you the right answer. Some day you’ll leave your phone, or your keys, or your wallet somewhere and wish that the finder did the right thing instead of trying to make a quick buck

its probably traceable anyway. If you cant be bothered chasing up the owner( and lets be frank, I couldnt) just take it to the cop shop. NO LONGER YOUR PROBLEM

When I had my restaurant, we had people leave phones, ipads even a laptop once. With phones, we’d look for “home” and call it. If if was locked, I’d see who the carrier is, call them and give them the MEI or whatever that number is called that’s under the battery, after explaining how I found the phone. They then get in touch with the their customer explaining that it was found.

EWww. I do NOT like you. What city do you drive in? I’ll be sure to only use Lyft or cabs just to be sure I don’t request your nasty funk of an attitude to drive my lazy ass around.

What a convenient time to reveal that bit of information. Actually, I don’t really care about the phone. Or your couch. I’m more concerned about your form of logic as an Uber driver. If this is the logic and character you display in the presence of other drivers, who commonly share a bond and interest in the operation of Uber…I can only imagine you driving around riders.

I returned a phone to Lyft a while ago. They don’t give a reward, just reimbursement for packing/shipping materials. So what I got out of it when all is said and done is a free half used roll of bubble wrap and some packaging tape. Thanks Lyft!

My point is things in life are not always about what you get out of doing something. Sometimes you get back sweet FA out of doing it, but you do it anyway.

If the pax reports phone as stolen the carrier will put a lock on the IMEI and phone will be in usable. Also you are an idiot because of its not an iphone then 99% of the time it will be charged with a micro usb which everyone and their mother have. Again die you seem like a complete idiot.

I did not take this post as serious, thought either it’s a “journalist” and tomorrow we read another negative article about dishonest Uber drivers…
But well I was about asking you if it was a new iphone 6 plus lol… then you wrote it’s a weird phone.

I believe if you contacted Uber about it you’re clean.
If I lost my phone I would contact Uber and whoever else to find it back, if they don’t show effort, they can also not expect you care about it more than they do. keep it sell it donate it dump it… completely your choice.