Got no tip for returning keys to the Pax

So last night, I pick up a couple of guys in Irving on a Select call, and they’re going to Zenna in downtown. Cool, nice fare. Anyways, we’re having great conversations, the rider says he’s gonna tip me for being a great driver, this and that. I drop them off, and take off. About a mile later, I hear something metal fall on the floor in the back seat. I pull over, and the guy left his keys in my car. So I immediately turn around and go back to Zenna, Park, get out and walk into the bar and walk up to my pax. I give him his keys, and he shakes my hand and thanks me. Guess what? NO TIP.

So I message Uber and get my $15 return item fee.

Got my tip.

People suck.

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That’s why i like Lyft’s 24hr rating rule now. If they tell me they’re gonna tip in the app n they dont. 3 star their ass.

Not to sound like a dick here, but you should always check your back seat before you pull off… That’s what I always do… No one has ever left anything behind… but kudos for getting a return fee

Sorry to break it to you…you sound like a dick. I say remember your phone…that’s it…I am not your mom

Happens all the time. If people say they’re gonna RIP u, they’re not going to tip u. I always lower their rating if they do that.

Actually im kind of a jerk for pointing it out. You did well and im no spelling captain. Just one “there” is messed up.

I am the grammar police. I point it out all the time. But sometimes your thumbs go faster than u think. Next thing u know, u hit send b4 dbl chking

You missed a golden opportunity. You were in a bar for Pete’s sake. As soon as you were gipped you should have cracked em with a bar stool Patrick Swayze Roadhouse style. You would have went to prison like a boss.:joy::joy::joy:

Plus a 1 star for not tipping. You don’t know how much I dislike/hate when people say oh I’ll tip you in the app and don’t . I usually wait till the next day and if they don’t they get a 1 star from me.

There are riders I’ve told will be paying the return fee because I reported it, and still tip. Just have the button ready to push when you pull up, and if they tip you, you can let them slide. Or, you can double slam them. Weigh out the situation. It’s your time. Time is…$$.

I like how drivers here always talk about their city as if we’re all from the same one. Oh yeah of course, Zenna downtown. :joy: