Got an argument with your Pax about car temperature and music?

Have you ever gotten in an argument with your passenger over the temperature or the music in your car?
What is your philosophy about this:
_my car = my rules.
_the customer is always right.
_we shoud alway find a compromise/truce.

My music is never loud enough for anyone to care and they can change the temp on their own in the back but if you sit up front, you’re dealing with my temp

my music stays low until they ask for something
Then the music goes up (work main bar nights)

Play Trending music on Spotify

“Today’s Top Hits” I usually skip rap songs unless people ask for them, keep a nuetral playlist.

Temperature is their right, get used to it, but if it gets way too hot or cold take control again.

I will play classic rock, classic hip hop. Blues or 90’s alternative. But nothing trendy. Lol :joy:

i play the oldie station which most seem to like i have one or 2 who thought they owned the veh wanting me to do sirus,pandora etc ,i have no problem if they ask me to change to another fm station

It may be my car but it’s their ride. If you are the passenger wouldn’t you want to be comfortable?

I play the blues station all the time & customers ask me to turn it up they can ajust the ac vents in the back if they want. I keep the power windows locked so they have to ask if they want to open them. If the pax is up front & he touches anything I tell them if they do it again I will end the ride then & there.

I have Amazon Music setup on my IPad and linked via Bluetooth. My customers love the fact that they can just say “Alexa play songs by Bob Marley” or Alexa play Classic Rock Songs"

I thought about doing this will my Apple Music. Are you worried someone will steal your iPad? How do you have it mounted?

Have it in a leather case velcroed to the front dash, with bluetooth mic attached to the back of the center console on passenger side. So the pax has no actual hands on access to the ipad.

As long as it isn’t vulgar I let them listen to what they want if they ask. But I don’t let them touch my buttons and I control volume. I have dual climate control as well as back seat climate control so they can do what they need to do.

I have dual climate control too. I keep it off now because some people are crazy and will turn the heat on during hot months! One day I kept saying dang my neck and back is hot. I check the back of my car and the heat is on blast while the front was cool but made me think my a/c was going out! Lol!

I adjust to my liking and depending on how far we are going, I will ask them how the temperature back there is. 99 percent of the time they say it’s fine and thank me for asking. As far as music, I have google play so I play a lot of chill music. normally if they dont want to hear it they put on headphones.

An argument in MY car? :thinking: What??? I listen to what I, the driver, the one who is charged with getting you there in one piece wants! I do not offer a choice for you to select the music in MY car. 2500 rides and I have only been asked once to play their music and I politely said, would you rather have a calm happy driver or an annoyed one? He said enjoy your music ma…🤷🏾 Pretty much.

I have a several dynamite playlists, and usually don’t get many requests, except from my private corporate passengers, but on Friday and Saturday evenings with the young nite-lifers they think it is cool and it seems to help my tips. Plus, everyone is loving my new 2018 Hyundai Tucson Sport with custom made Eagles Seat Covers… Had to trade in the 2013. 492K miles.