Got a ride from Uber / convenience store

Man I gotta say … took an Uber one of this days this guy had everything for
The rider yet he was 4.78. He had candies, gums… chips … water …even a god damn condoms … wtf is wrong with this drivers lol
In my car I provide a safe drive from
Point a to point b ain’t no god damn convenience store !

Some think it’s good to havr.I say bs to that.Want a budget ride.You will get just that.A safe trip no frills.Just a to b

Agreed. I have a 4.95 on Uber and a 4.99 on Lyft. I don’t even have an aux cord. You don’t have to bribe folks to get a good rating.

I provide nothing . Lol just my ride and my lame plate . Yet it’s 4.86 in 3 years

your post shows what most of the drivers here are trying to explain for long time.

  1. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO… some passengers are just assholes!
  2. NO POINT IN SPENDING YOUR OWN MONEY FOR STUPID PASSENGERS! The smart ones will never expect for anything else beside a clean safe ride from their driver!

I have a 10 yr old SUV, no aux or Bluetooth, a USB and lightening cable and that’s it. I’m a 4.95. What gets me consistent good scores and compliments is cleanliness. I keep it clean and smelling good. Scentsy is my secret weapon.

My jeep is 2007 , definitely good smell = good ratings . I always hear oh smells so good in here

What if…and hear me out now…it is ok for drivers to provide extras if they want, and it is ok for drivers to not provide extras also. Worry about yourselves, not what other drivers do

How about get paid to hand out free stuff. I made over $300 in the last month handing out free Red Bull Twix rice krispy bars protein bars and condoms. All provided for free all given out for free over $300 in commission to me.

Condoms?? I’ve had to tell people “If you start banging in my car the ride is over.” To paraphrase Chris Rock- there is no sex, in the Uber.

He prob takes pools!
Pool rides almost always end in poor ratings!

I️ used to have water, gum and mints. But saw that PAC’s treated their $2.30 ride like an all you can eat buffet and didn’t tip ever tip. I️ compared two months of tips, one with and without the extras. Amazingly I️ made three times as much tips without the extras. And went negative on tips do to the cost of the extras. In my opinion these extras only make the ride
share companies look good at the cost of an already diminishing profit to the driver.

I used to have bottles of water on summer time, but after i picked a couple for a $2 and some changes trip the husband took one bottle but the wife loaded her hand bag with all i had in the car and speed walk away while i was screaming give me my water back but she didn’t stop.