Got a request from a miles away

So I get a request in Alpharetta 3.3 miles from my current location. I have personal plates which I can’t put on until dmv gets it together and sends the registration for the car I bought two months ago. The temp tags of course are different. This woman makes me get the actual plates out of the back so I can verify my identity (we are out in the country so it’s not likely I am the wrong driver ) when she is finally satisfied I am who I say I find out I went through this for a 1.2 mile ride. Smh

Can’t blame her for being cautious. I had a rider point out to me that Lyft had my licence plate number transposed on my profile. I don’t think it’s ridiculous. You said your plates do not match your profile. I probably wouldn’t have made you pull the real plate out but I would’ve questioned you before entering the vehicle just like you verify someone’s name before they get in your car

What does she care what the plate number is? She has the name, description of vehicle, and can get the other info from lyft. It’s highly unlikely that some murderer showed up in the middle of nowhere in a vehicle matching who also happens to look just like in the picture and knew her name. There is cautious and ridiculous

I feel you and understand. I got new tags in Sept and gave Lyft and Uber the updated info in time for them not suspend my accounts. Both said I was good to go, but neither changed my info in the app. I had a pax threaten to report me because my information was wrong. I told them go ahead because I gave both of them the correct info and they approved it so it’s not my fault they didn’t do their jobs and change it. I also said if you’d like I can just cancel the ride!! They shut up!!! I should have cancelled anyway!!

Next time cancel the ride and show her you are doing so. People like this will report you and get you deactivated. Anything can happen 1.2 miles. That’s like hailing a Taxi and their license plate doesn’t start with ‘TX’ are they legit? No.

She didn’t want an illegal to dry hump her. Just what I heard. Something about drunk underage… Idk it’s like everyday someone getting killed. It could have gone many different ways,

I must be hungry…I was still stuck on 3 personal plates thinking you had your own Uber eats going on :joy::joy::joy: That happened to me too. I was at the airport and she cancelled the ride before I could even show her…said she didn’t feel safe

Yeah it is just a govt cluster if word that I hope will be cleared up soon. You must be carrying the actual plate with valid tags in the back of the vehicle just in case. I just assumed that you had to get it out and show it to anyone or in the police.

sad that people are so scared of things they are paralyzed by the simplistic ones. And once again we take much greater risk everyday. I have one person call for another all the time. I think the wrong license plate vs the wrong person is much safer.

Your phone shows her name and destination along with your name and picture on hers…So someone steal your phone and start driving as you lol…? Would’ve cancelled on her from the gate

To be fair the app and news outlets make it seem like the best way to verify your driver. Also a serial killer, murderer or rapist will most likely have their shit in order.

Something like that, i would had just Cancelled.
Seen before, Where a Pax complained & said Driver was driving with different Plates. Most times just to get their money back.

I’m just saying I know the world is a crazy place and horrible things happen but if you have to be that cautious your life is probably a worse place to live than actual society.