Got a new car, rating went down

My rating was steady at 4.8 with 2008 bmw 5 series but since i started using brand new 2016 prius rating is falling down and now reached 4.75 not sure whats the reason i have chargers in my car but i never provided any gum or water… Is it like ppl enjoyed beemer in the price of uberx may be thats why rating was high… Any suggestions? Need to see if it falls below 4.75

My advise would be to trade in the Toyota Prius for a 2016 BMW. Abracadabra ! your ratings will shoot right back up. With the new BMW you won’t have to pass out any gum or water, just think of all the money you’ll save.

You gave people limousine experience with your BMW, of course they enjoyed it when they paid public transportation. Does your 2016 prius have leather seats, legroom, smooth driving, al the interior amenities BMW offered? I’d like to see your numbers for the operation year with BMW, how much was your fuel/oil change and other repair costs compared the your income?

Bmw is never an option for uberx high maintenance… Premium gas…i would say i keep on going like that with prius…After all uber allowes 2001s in nj the rating for drivers driving older cars will be lower in most cases…

Exactly. Your rating is not in the deactivation zone so who cares. Priuses are fuel efficient but they are not particularly comfy

Or you can try a hearts and minds campaign. Put eco stickers all over your car. Ask if they would like to donate $1.00 to the hug a tree foundation,play Rocky Mountain High by John Denver non stop . . . Tell them you are driving a Prius for the sake of the world.

There’s a huge difference in DRIVING a BMW and a Prius. When driving a Prius always start off with a slow, but smooth acceleration. When coming to a stop, same thing, slowly until you and your pax hear the engine shut off. I’m telling you, passengers love it! Always turns into a conversation about saving the environment.

Geez it sure is obvious why the rating went down. I would love to get a 2002 car of any make and drive Uber X. You’d make good money on a tiny investment, as long as you don’t mind the lower ratings.

What you and everyone else is commenting about is surface stuff. I have a 4.92 rating with over 400 rides. If you want to know how to how to maximize your ratings have someone drive you around in the backseat of your car. Especially when you’re not feeling well. Then determine what you like and don’t like. Trust me, no need for a fancy car. Clean car, YES.

I had a 4.92 on my 2005 car back when it was eligible. Car type isnt that important with ratings. Smooth ride, good smell, ans cleanliness matter.

Karma is a beatch. Now you know why we, the Prius drivers, were talking about. Pax is so spoiled that, they hate Prius and yet they call one and rate it 1 star. I am a victim of same behavior. Occasionally I get a 1 star for my Prius.

Once again, I hear you. What I was trying to communicate…it really doesn’t matter what car you drive…as long as it’s clean and dent free. Now if you want to know how to drive a car, I’ll can tell you

How would Prius or any other economy class car driver know that, pax gave 1 star, because the car was not fancy enough? There is no way for the driver to know that info. Why? Because rating system is such big scam, that was created by Uber (and copied by Lyft) to force drivers perform better, as if good ratings make them any different than the ones with bad ratings.

If you have a rating system you have to tell drivers their failures, so they can get better. You receive tons of emails for cancelling and not accepting, but you get no feedback for the bad ratings! If i get 1 star from the unsatisfied pax, i should know what made the ride dissapointing, so i can improve myself and next rider won’t deal with the same problems.

I drive a 08 Kia and my ratings are always north of 4.9 , a clean car smooth ride and a gift for gab is the key to good ratings not the type of car.

That’s why I love the auto climate control. Set the cabin to a comfortable temp and the car adjust ac or heat to keep it there. During the summer I had it set at 72, but bumped it to between 75 and 80 during the triple digit heat since 72 felt a bit cold to a lot of people.

The older BMW is a lot nicer of a car that being said if you were using a bmw 5 series on uber x you were probably losing money and don’t even realize it.