Got a hole in my car.. Some one was targeting passing cars


(Cody Parker) #1

I was driving a pax home, and on a busy main street someone threw a rock at my car. We all heard it but didn’t know where it came from and I wasn’t going to stop in the middle of the road. I continued on to there destination and we got out and looked for the damage. At first we didn’t see it because we were looking for a big dent in the body of the door, but then we found this on the door jam? It almost looks like a bullet hole. I went back to the location where it happened and called the police just in case. My question is this something Uber will cover, since I was in the middle of a ride, and my pax can verify, or do I turn it into my regular insurance, who doesn’t know I am driving for Uber yet??? I did not tell the police I was driving for Uber at the time either. They did give me an incident number.

(Brahim Decker) #2

you should have insurance that KNOWS you do rideshare so they dont cancel you in case of something like this happens

(Garrent George) #3

Had what looked like yogurt or happy conditioner thrown at the car a week ago with pax riding along. Thank God it word off with a little Windex

(Christian Odom) #4

You didnt have to go back to call the police though. Just call them and tell them where it happened. If you thought someone was shooting they would understand you driving away

(Lisa Markee) #5

But as far as getting it fixed id probably just used some type of waterproof filler instead of dealing with insurance. Your rates may go up as well as you will bot be able to drive for the time your car will be in the shop

(Jack Dolen) #6

This is something that would be covered under YOUR own comprehensive insurance, that is if you purchased it. Your carrier will take care of the damages minus your deductible. If you have a high deductible it may not even be worth it. This is not a matter that Uber will take care of, nor is it their responsibility. And as other stated, DO NOT MENTION that you ride to your carrier, unless you have ride share coverage. Not only will they NOT cover this matter, this will CANCEL your current policy.

(Mark Moore) #7

You can report it to your insurance company and they will probably tell you that it is cheaper to fix it yourself than to make a claim. Depending on your deductible. What is your deductible?

(Kelly Hector) #8

Last time I had to replace a window of that type it was $65 granted I broke it on purpose (locked keys in the car and was in the middle of nowhere) and it was years ago but I didn’t think that price was too bad

(Bector Ernest) #9

I dodge a large size stone that was somehow deflected off of a semi truck. It hit the ground with enough force to cause a spark on the highway. It would be considered a road hazard.

(Melinda Foster) #10

I think she got hit on the piece between windows. Could of been a bullet. Or the sharp side of a rock thrown hard enough.

(Jonathan Green) #11

3 months ago i was shooted by tons of rocks from freeway shoulder. One idiot hit the shoulder in front of me and I was gifted of multiple damages all around my brand new car. So, I feel you…

(Peter Nelson) #12

Same here, after Irma there was a week or more of little rocks and whatnot getting picked up by the vehicle in front of me so I got these little chips on my hood and windshield and it’s just killing me.