Got a foul odor illness, should I still drive?

I have an illness that has a very foul odor like dead flesh I wonder will it affect my ratings should I notify the passenger first or should I just drive I’m in treatment but I can’t afford to wait any longer any suggestions would be appreciated please keep your smart-ass comments to yourself thank you

Get vent air fresheners and keep the air moving through the vents. Best advice I can give you. Good luck with your treatment!

Go to a store and smell​ different car scents. Pick the best one you think would help mask the smell. Maybe grab a few that you like and see how each one does.
Good luck on the treatment!!

I can’t worry about everything I’m going to just go out and try to make this money it is what it is but Houston we have a problem when a four-year-old started to ask you why are we broke no no honey you’re not broke I am and I’m sorry I can’t buy you McDonald’s today I’m going to go out here and do it for my family thanks everyone

Try Lysol spray your front seat and the back down… and sometimes when I over sweat I spray myself down…

I use eucalyptus little trees, gradually pull the plastic down between every few pax, and switch to a new one every two days depending on need… when I’ve had some unhygienic pax or else worry about lingering odors, I’ll even put one in the way back (RAV4 so I have a hatchback, but even just laying one down in the back window.

I’ve never had a complaint about the eucalyptus scent, and even receive many compliments regardless of intensity

Dryer sheets wedged into the back seat headrests from the back. The “greenhouse” effect activates them, pantyhose/nylon stockings filled with coffee beans under the seats, you’re creating a barrier between you and the rider with a wall of natural everyday fresh scents. Also PURE citrus oils from Whole Foods, apply liberally anywhere.

I wouldn’t say anything, and also I see you don’t have a picture/this post is heartbreaking! My empathy for people is very high, and this post saddens me for you! Just drive and don’t worry about what your passengers will say…as the old saying goes “GODS got the wheel!”

I repeated and repeated myself on matters about ride-sharing! If drivers just rated on respect of their vehicle and them personally, and riders rate on the safety of the ride ( missed a turn ) it should not mean the end of the world, or lingering smoke, or offensive music ( meaning Christian music ) or not driving fast enough, the tension and the enjoyment of ride-sharing would explode with politeness! And, in no doubt in my mind would make the rides much more enjoyable! Unless you are just a complete moron with bad driving habits, and the rider is just disrespectful to the fullest is the only way people should receive under 5 stars! Even at that, should be a high 3 or 4…people hand out 1s for a simple mistake by missing a turn in a unfamiliar area, it’s a simple 15 second turn around! No big deal riders, it isn’t like we just drove off the moon! Plus it isn’t like they get charged any different… I love this gig, and would be devastated if I was ever deactivated, but there is a lot of tension of being perfect, and no one is perfect point blank!

All of the above. God bless you and your journey! I completely understand the broke house struggle with kids. Just vent car as often as possible between trips. Im so sorry your having to deal with this :pensive:

Drive your car. Get paid. If Uber says something scream and cry about your rights or having a disability or something until they back down. I don’t mean no harm, but it’s Uber’s policy to employ everyone with a pulse, they can’t discriminate for a legitimate medical condition.