Got a complaint letter for "Amazon Prime Now"

Just got a complaint letter for “Amazon Prime Now,” but I’ve only ever worked for Logistics. Anyone else? How did you handle it?

"As an independent contractor, Amazon expects you will maintain customer trust, professionally perform services, and follow instructions provided to you by Amazon.

Within the past week, we received one or more reports that you picked up incorrect orders or did not pick up the complete order at the pickup location. As a reminder, the label on the package should match the order information in the app.

You can find more information in the How to Make an Delivery video and the How to Make a Prime Now Delivery video in the app.

If you have any questions, please email us at"

In the statement right before the part about “how to make a prime now delivery” there’s also a part about making AMAZON.COM deliveries??? You do, do logistics, right???

I know, but “Incorrect orders,” and “complete orders” implies specific individual sets of deliveries to be delivered together. Wouldn’t that be Prime Now deliveries?

Prime orders are now designed to where you cannot log out to start delivery without all bags in the order. If something did not get into that said bag, then it’s in the warehouse. With PN we have no clue what is in each bag. We are not given a list.

So when you respond back, you tell them the app is designed to where you cannot start deliveries unless you have all bags listed in your app. If something never made it into the bags, then the warehouse did not put it in there.

But I don’t even do Prime!

Not knowingly; I fit it all in. I’ve never been more than a package of the count on the sheet, and I always draw it to the attention of the person checking me out when it happens. Any shortage has been acknowledged by that person.

Is it possible that they marked it wrong when it was short making it look like you just didn’t want to take it or something?

Anything is possible. I’m on good terms with all the regular people there - been working out of Irvine since last July - so I doubt there was any malicious intent.

I’m not saying malicious intent, just marked it wrong. It’s possible…

I’m saying marking it wrong (not on purpose) it would look like you didn’t want to take it on the other end…

Do you take pictures of the Amazon app at your location? I try to take pictures of something uniquely identifiable. For example, if I deliver to apartments, then I try to take a picture of all packages and the address number.

I take a screenshot before I swipe to finish and a screenshot of the summary of the number of packages. No funny biz later.