Got $60 from pax who throws up in my car

Dude throws up in my car. He throws $60 at me and say this is for being a little bitch about it and calls me a few names. His friends cleaned most of the mess up and I throw them out of the car. Uber charged them another $80 for the small mess they left behind. Hey dude this bitch got $80 more from you!

Good, fuck that dude, at least his friend was nice and tried to help clean it up. He’s a bitch :angry: glad you got money though !!

Love when ppl act like their inability to ride without throwing up in a stranger’s car means that said stranger should remain happy about it. :angry:

$80 that’s it? You should have pulled over and taken pics IMMEDIATELY. You deserved the full puke fee + his $60 cash.

Only “bitches” (especially male gender ones) vomit in someone else’s car

When one has to imbibe so much they have no choice but to vomit somewhere has some profound psychiatric issues…

You handled the situation well

I can’t tolerate anyone who thinks and treats us like 2nd class citizens. I’m surely going be in a mess at some point as it really is a one way street…their street.(pax)

I had a woman whose kids behaved terribly for the entire ride, ate ALL of the free candy I leave for riders before getting out (like $10 worth of candy! Most people take 1-2 pieces if anything, she had THREE kids who were eating it by the handful!!) and then left the wrappers behind for me to clean up!!!

She didn’t apologize or tell them to stop being so greedy and gave me $1 IN QUARTERS to compensate me. People are so fucking dumb.

I took a picture of all the garbage they left behind (literally dozens of wrappers and broken pieces of candy) and got a cleaning fee. Fuck that.

This is the principal reason I don’t supply candy or snacks in my car

Bottled water is all they get

I only do candy (and cough drops now that it’s winter). With water, I find that they just take a couple of sips and leave a mostly full water bottle behind. Which is wasteful and annoying. And 1 water bottle is more expensive than 2 pieces of candy, which is what people take on average, if they take at all (more than half of my passengers don’t take any.) The water takes up way more space than candy so has to be refilled more often. Also there are ways to get free candy (take a handful of mints or lollipops every time you go to a restaurant or bank). Idk how to get free waters.

Message uber back and say the mess is costing more than what they gave you and uber will probably send you the rest of the max amount. They did for me. :sunglasses:

I have freezer bags that way they can close it up and take it with them.

I know this may read counterintuitive, but having a vomit bag seems to encourage pax to vomit

Passengers can’t call you names because they can’t contain their bodily functions. That’s so gross

I’d be like you’re the B@#$_# at least I can’t take my alcohol unlike you drink like a B@#$&!lol

Bs. The lil bitch just vomited bc he couldn’t hold his liquor. Better hold out a thumb and wait…

First off what an arrogant asshole.It isn’t a company owned vehicle, these vehicles are owned and maintained by us. What a dick, he’s lucky you didn’t dot his i. lol I’m glad you got the money.

Yeah protect yourself with a car camera like mine. Here is a link and if you use the 5STARS discount code you get $10 off.

Um, at least he gave you money in his drunken state and will be charged $150 by Uber. I️ know another driver that insisted his seats had to be replaced and Uber paid