Google Voice is free and a good idea to have when you don't want to give out your actual mobile number

A Good suggestion.

You need to go through Google Voice Setup to have calls “Call Forwarded” to your cellphone. You will then get all calls using your Google Voice Number call forwarded to your cell. If you can’t pick up, it will go to Google Voicemail. A nice feature that you can turn on is voicemail transcription where Google Voice will transcribe send you voicemail as text message and/or email.

Oh, for ****'s sake.

Why so many posts asking what is Uber’s policy on this, that and the other? Do you really need to know whether Uber gives you permission to give your own number out to another individual? Really?!

I couldn’t give a **** what Uber’s policy is. Get real and grow a pair, people. Think i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t-l-y

Don’t every feel bullied or that you’re asking a stupid question. You want to ask a question, ask. Just like hanging out with some buddies though, be prepared to get bashed every now and them. But ask your questions anyway and don’t hold back.

I had similar concerns and read Uber’s fine print. They vaguely allude to “no diversion of business”. Being that Uber makes it clear that they are “no transportation” company, I can only assume they are warning against, say, an Uber driver promoting Lyft and that sort of thing. Kinda like a “no compete” clause or something.

That said…I get this allll the time too.

  1. It can get complicated to avail yourself for their next Uber request.
  2. Is that $10 trip, or whatever, worth you sacrificing potential other work? You will have to go offline to accommodate them. **If you are trying to meet some “guarantee” pay promtions from Uber, being offline negatively affects that.
  3. I have tried a long-term rider/driver relationship…the coordination of it alone is tedious. Gave it up after about 3 weeks. Funny how they think they are doing you a favour Also funny how they think I should be “giddy” over that $5 tip <~ I don’t think so lol.

Passenger would text my personal number to see if I would be available at certain time. If I was, he would get in the car, request the trip and, of course, I get the ping. That worked for a while…but in retrospect…no where near worth the fares

In Cbus it’s specifically illegal within our new ride share regulations. Of course the city regulations look like Uber and Lyft had a heavy hand in helping to write them

I’ve had people leave items (phones, etc.) in my vehicle and actually call me on my cell phone the following day. They are able to get my number from Uber, thus clearly there is no hard and fast policy against it.

I’ve had people ask for my number so that I can pick them up. They text me about 10 minutes before they are ready to be picked up, I head their direction, then text them to ping their Uber app as I pull into their location.

It’s only happened a couple of times, but both times worked well.

The ideal situation is driving from a suburb to a downtown bar/restaurant/event early in the evening that is far away. Then instead of your normal deadhead driving home at 2-3am without a fare, you have a paid fare for that 20 -30 miles+ last drive of the night. Rider also has a happy driver and not someone pissed that they are driving in the opposite direction of their home(or canceling saying nope, won’t go there). That is, instead of a 30 mile drive home at 3am, they now have a 60 mile ride home.

Hmmm, think there would be an App with a Last Call feature that matched Drivers with Riders within a 15 minute pick-up radius?

Adding a “preferred driver” option would be a fantastic addition to Uber app. If the requested driver is more than say, 15/20 minutes away…take usual closest car/driver (another option to that feature).

I didn’t mean to come across like that. The point I was trying to make is that people need to think for themselves, and put their own interests first. If you just drop your trousers and bend over then you’re setting yourself up for a sub-optimal experience.

Uber and Lyft are not our employers, much as they’d like to think they are, when it suits. They say we are independent contractors. The way I see it, I am the independent and they are simply services which I use for customer generation. I am independent, therefore I will, for example, pick and choose which of the customers they introduce to me I want to provide the service to. And if a customer they introduced to me then wants at a later date to hire me direct without involving the rideshare company then of course I will accept that.

Similarly, they have no loyalty to me nor I to them. I regularly cross-promote the services I offer, giving Lyft referrals to Uber customers and vice versa. If I start driving for Sidecar then I’ll do the same with them. I don’t care which of the companies introduces the closest rider to me - it makes no difference if the pax pings me through Uber or Lyft. Each one’s money is equally as spendable as that of the other.

I will also choose which of their recommendations and rules to abide by and which to pass on. Again, depending on which hold benefit for me.

So, think like a business owner, not like an employee.