Going back to the taxi cab

Last night i drove 2 pax from dt phoenix to the south of chandler to end up with 36dlls minus 20%; this fare in my former cab was easily 80 dlls plus tip. In total last night i did 11 fares to end up with 183 dlls minus 20% from 7pm to 330am
Sincerely i believe tonight is going to be my last one with this stupid app and goback to the taxi cab
If i dont make money at least im convinced that i would retain my dignity and the respect to myself

It didn’t stop uber from dropping the rates in Chicago to $1.70 minimums with $0.90/mile. Your post implies that you believe that uber cares for its drivers. Hilarious coming from a driver in a city where uber forced it’s black car drivers to do uber X overnight with an email decree.

My younger sister and her friend are big UBER users- my younger sister is a social butterfly, goes out a lot so for those of you that work in Scottsdale, you’ve probably picked her up. I filled them in on stuff I don’t like about UBER-low fares and less frequent surge pricing is making it harder to make money, flawed rating system, wear and tear on my car, etc. Her friend commented she rates 4 stars to the good drivers. To her, a 5 star rating is for an uber town car or UBER SUV. She said its not very realistic to expect UBERx drivers to get 5 stars but now that I filled her in on how UBER can deactivate drivers for averaging 4.6 or lower, she said she’d rate 5 stars if the driver was nice, etc. She didn’t have any idea that UBER razzes drivers for ‘low’ ratings.

Uhhhh, its actually pretty equal between them. Uber definitely encourages pax to be jerks by not tipping, calling before ready, and being cheap *******s, but the pax are the ones whose direct actions annoy us on a daily basis.

RideshareGuru nailed it - Some riders come here and sign up to ask questions only to get keyboard ****ed by some drivers here. Other drivers are really helpful and hopefully make it so that riders don’t hate the world.

Okay okay, maybe what I should have said is most of the contempt toward passengers is the result of poor policies and management of Uber. Which to me, is comtempt of Uber.

You might want to look into that a little deeper. The silly **** people say the do and suggest being done to passengers on here makes you think twice about wanting them to represent your company.

“Puking in my car”: you choose to drive bar hours, what do you expect?
“Expecting me to wait 10 minutes without compensation”: bad uber policy
“Low rating for surge pricing”. Two bad Uber Policys. (The rating system and price gouging)
“Do you have a real job?” why is this being an *******?
“$4 ride” Bad Uber policy

Not your problem? When you turn your personal vehicle into a commercial taxi and then choose to make money by driving drunks around things are going to happen. That is on you. You are NOT “ridesharing”. You are not being a good samaritan. You are not sharing anything. And mostly, you are not making the rules, Uber does. Get over yourself.

So we have started this conversation with your gripes about Uber policies and have switched to issues with driving drunk passengers. THEN STOP DRIVING AFTER 11 PM and 90% of those issues disappear.

This was the best post ever lol. Why would I lie to a rider if I feel the conditions aren’t fair? Since I can’t call a supervisor (or anyone lol) the only way to make your complaints heard is through the riders. And as of late, more and more riders are saying to me (before I say to them) “I heard you guys aren’t treated too well” (actually first the female riders tell me the president of the company is a jerk). I’m glad the word is getting out there how it’s inpossible to make a living, never mind 5k per week

What I said was if you dont like the problems associated with drunk passengers, then don’t drive after 11 PM and 90% of the drunk problems will go away. You are not getting airport runs after 11PM, you are not getting business meetings, you are not getting light drinkers at dinner, you are not getting shoppers, you are trolling for drunks. Period.

I generally ask the PAX if they’ve used Uber much in the past and how did they discover Uber. When i asked that, I’m mostly trying to gauge the popularity of Uber and try to get an idea of how it’s growing (or not) This information helps give me a better outlook of the future.
When I’m ASKED, i respond with how i think Uber was a great idea and how i do like driving and meeting new people. I’ve been asked more then once if it was worth it and my response is, BARELY. If Uber finds some way to take a bigger cut of the pie, this gig will no longer be worth it to me even though i am only part time.

working for lyft (not yet uber) works much better for me parttime. like you said when you get tired or bored you call it a day… same here. I don’t mind dealing with drunks when i’m driving the cab, because 1 I don’t have to worry about getting rated 2. the tips are usually super awesome. I can see how others (especially driving uber/lyft) would find it trying…