Glad I don't live in LA!

While most of the drivers have no clue (the ones that do are no longer driving, play the guarantee game or wait on surges), some are like me and playing the guarantee game. I don’t know if you can where you are located but in OC, there are places that are not too popular with UBER and you can either get at least 45 minutes before a ping or someone is in the middle of those morons waiting for their $.90/mile fare and being protected playing the guarantee game. Last week, I needed 4 rides in 2 hours before midnight so I was out there hustling for a ride.

Wow another genius. I think that plan was posted here before. And rejected. In fact I think you were the 3rd person I have seen here recommend this.

If you want to be an Uber activist you will find your plan short lived and go down in flames. Just hope you don’t take anyone with you.

Problem 1: If you sit there and just ignore pings until you get your 2.0 x surge, your acceptance rating will go through the floor and Uber will get rid of you.

Problem 2: People will start using other services if Uber drivers start ignoring them. Less riders = less surge.

If you plan to drive long term In Los Angeles there is a network of bandits , network with them , if I was staring in this bussiness that’s is were I would start today
You will build up a customer base in no time
Working with people you know only , ensures you fly under the radar

That shows. To come up with such a genius idea is like a theory of relativity by Einstein, no it’s more like the law of gravity by Newton. Such a brilliant and well-thought of a plan! It has to be patented.

I have never understood why drivers who want to get wider community participation in these schemes don’t simply request a ride, immediately text the the driver you requested the details and why you requested, then cancel immediately.

If you consider a challenge to Uber wage structure a “scheme” so be it. Regarding your second point, I will take your suggestion and will do just that. I’d like to ask you your objection to this “scheme”? Are you simply satisfied with .90 cents a mile?? Again, thanks for the usable suggestion

That worked in NJ and then the guy came here and told how awesome he was by making it surge every time. I think he got deactivated when he bragged here.

I pinged over 10 drivers tonight while the rate was below 2.0. When they showed up I explained what I was doing and gave them each $2. Had to take off my license plate incase any one was a rat

Well it looks like Dallas driver are doing so. I see as soon as the surge goes away most of the old driver goes offline. The one i see are all new driver coz those rooki don’t know what is going on and they just tend to stay online. With 1 driver being online makes a lot of difference. I have seen personally that when I am at 1.5 and suddenly I get a ping the surge jumps to 2.1…this is how I figure out and at that moment I call the rider telling I am at road block coz of accident and cancel the ride before they charge $6 on you. And they will be ready for that lol…

If you dont like your rate, dont drive. Go work someplace else. Don’t start screwing with others.

On a side note, you said stay offline until the surge rate goes up. How can you tell what the surge rate is if your not online?

If anyone would like to chip in, I would like to place a billboard ad right across Uber offices on Westwood that informs Newby drivers not to take rides under 2.0x. I’m putting in $50 to start. Btw, anyone work for clearchannel ??

Yesterday just that happened. I drove in heavy traffic to a bad address, customer was upset I was not there and I cancelled to avoid a 1 star. Maybe it was a long fare. But each 1 star drags me down by 0.01 and I am at 4.90 with 1500+ rides. I will try to maintain my rating in case Uber starts firing those of us with 4.8 one day.

Just keep the app off if you don’t like the fare. Easy solution. Yer preachin to the choir on fares. Best reaction is just don’t do it. Let some other poor bastards ruin themselves.