Give gift while waiting for a rider

Here’s an idea for those who LIKE to help (haters keep scrolling). Take a grocery bag or department store bag. Put some a pair of clothes you don’t wear anymore (pants/shorts and shirt), maybe even a pair of shoes. Add a $5 gift card for a nearby restaurant (Subway, McD’s, Wendy’s…) inside. Give to a homeless person you see on the street while waiting for a rider. I’m challenging you guys to do this. I do it once or twice a week. Sometimes I even go to Goodwill and pick out some clothes if I know there is a hard-to-fit person I see a lot. You never know - that simple gift might make a huge difference. Be kind.

Saw man in norwich ct while I was getting gas, he was collecting cans. I had nothing to give him, kinda felt bad. He wasn’t asking for money.

this is why just using the clothes you have works well…no money is exchanged…just a gift card - and they can’t use the card for alcohol or drugs (unless they trade or sell it - but that’s on them)

I give a baggie with a curbside chronicle card in it, a protein bar, and some fruit snacks.

Great! Two nights ago I got a lot of tips. So I gave a man a dollar. When I did he said almost there, just 75 more cent and I can buy a burger. I went to the gas station and got him something and warned it up ( our gas station usually have microwaveable burgers and hot pockets etc) I came out and caught him just before he walked into to Coney Island to get his burger and gave him the food. He was so happy he start crying. He said he could go home now. I love when we can help people!

This is awesome !!! I did something last week for a single mother living in a shelter …She asked me how can I repay you ? I said you can do the same for another person in your shelter!!! Woo I really felt amazing for helping her :hugs:

When it is cold, just order an UberX for them so they have a warm place for a few hours.

Cover the inside of your car in plastic. Wear coveralls and plastic gloves. Offer free heat to passengers.

Sounds like a Dexter episode.

There are a row of singles in my eye-glass holder in my car.
Every person I pass with a sign gets a dollar.
I’ve been doing this for over 10years now…
We’ve also given out socks, food ,and necessities to the homeless…

paying taxes and buying products. That is all i need to do. taxes should be better spent to help the homeless. I also vote for people that would create programs that benefit everyone, not just the rich.

Actually I read the book and have seen every version of the movies. Including Scrooged by the way. The next thing I expect you to say is something like “Are there no workhouses? My tax money goes to support those institutions, I was afraid for a moment that something had happened and they were no longer in service.” So yeah I know the movies and books pretty darn well. Oh and I just paraphrased that by the way. And that is very close to what you implied.

your comparison makes no sense. reading a book and having reading comprehension apparently do not go hand in hand. Or your rhetorical skills just need more work.

clearly you don’t want to participate, and that is fine, however you are going out of your way to insult others that are willing to do so… how about just staying out of the discussion if you don’t like it?

let’s start over. Helping those in need is great. Good job, for all of those of you doing it.

However, when she commented “It’s assholes like you that are making this planet into a uncaring shithole” it shows that maybe she could be doing this for the feeling of self-righteousness.

I donate clothes all the time…there are some other good people around besides you

I pass a lot of homeless people as well as panhandlers possibly homeless. I have water bottles with dollar bills wrapped around them and I give those out with snacks I keep for my passengers as well.

When the fast food places have buy 2 Mc something for $5 or whatever I constantly buy them and keep one for myself and give one to a homeless or hungry person. But this is a cool idea.

Before I retired as a telephone lineman, every Thursday (which was our Friday) my crew and I would go to a fast food place and each get two lunches to go. We’d go to a nearby park that always had some homeless people in it, eat our lunch, then get in our trucks and head off somewhere else, leaving the extra lunches behind.
I still do that when I can, and have learned that 3 other retirees from my old crew do too

Random acts of kindness is a practice of mine. I regularly do them as a part of my daily life. I only wish that more people would feel the same imagine what this world would be like if that were the case.

All you people who won’t do shit, STFU and don’t comment. Bullshit stories about rich homeless people ,y’all lying to your frickin minds, y’all the same breed as the no tipping pool ridding scum bags I pick up in Beverly Hills and Malibu