Give fewer fares to drivers that have high decline rate

I have been doing this for just over 2 months so I am by no means an expert but I do make a good living at this driving full time days in Minneapolis MN. My work philosophy is I never turn down a fare that pops up on my screen. I take the good with the bad I keep pretty steady all day and I always hit my financial goal each day. I do have some Programing knowledge and I do believe that they could work an algorithm into the program that would send fewer fares to people who constantly refuse fares and more to those that take everything. It has felt like it has gotten easier and easier since I adopted this method. I am sure some of you will think I am crazy but Uber/Lyft has been a great gig. I look forward to it every morning, I have zero horror stories driving days and I have meet some very interesting people.

I have the same method. I take every call no matter what. If both go off I take Lyft. I drive at night though and on the weekends.

Thank you for this breath of fresh air!

Do you accept uberPOOL and Lyft Line rides? I refuse all of those.

I use the same philosophy. Unless it’s more than 10 minutes away. It has worked for me. I usually meet my goal or exceed it

@PeterD I tried POOL and Line when I was new. But those riders are ignorant douche bags who love to give low ratings and never tip. And you will be deactivated for low ratings.

@Steve All I do is X… I would like the option to do X l

I don’t think we have the line or pool running here yet.

I have had at least 2 or 3 fares around 15 minutes away every day. I take them all and 8 out of 10 have them have been well worth the effort including a couple of 40 mile trips to the airport that paid $45 each plus a $10 tip.

My nephew is going to school in Minneapolis, so I’m glad there are good drivers there.

I drive a lot of students on several different campuses throughout the city. I always have great conversations with the youth of today.

I have used the same method since I started back in March. I found that the NET payoff is way higher than the cherry pick method.

I can run all five levels on both UBER/Lyft. I no longer do X or base Lyft. My 2014 Navigator loves gasoline too much. So I just turn that level off right in the APP.

I have done some preliminary calculations. To be successful at X and base Lyft, you need a car that gets 25 mpg or higher to really be profitable.

With Detroit’s rates being one of the lowest in the country, we have to be smart and have a solid plan when running X and base Lyft…