Girl Tries to Get a Free Ride by Canceling the Ride Mid-Trip


(Bick Bhangoo) #1

It happened to me a few times, I just turn the app offline and take the customer to their destination, no questions asked. It’s just a waste of time to argue with the rider at this point. Once I am done with the trip, simply email Uber customer service and tell them that the rider canceled the trip midway. Uber will reimburse the driver for the complete ride, period.


Not once has Uber asked me to explain the trip.

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(Steve Mann) #2

Haaa…caught out the bitch! Yes, BITCH!

(Greg Poprik) #3

I’ve had this happen numerous times, depending where I’m at as far as from their destination I find what works if the cancel the ride before arriving at their destination I end the ride right where were at, play the game and I’ll play back.