Gift from pax last night. 300% surge 30mile ride


(Jack Dolen) #1

My greed got the better of me. Long story short 300% surge 30mile ride. Pick up and it starts good enough. Soon the person who requested the ride asks me to turn around to go to the bar. They start arguing as I’m guessing the requester is the older sister and the other guy is her 18 year old brother. They start going at it more and she kindly tells me a bar to head to. So I turn around. The guy starts threatening me and saying he will fuck me and my car up. Says if I take her we will have problems. I just say if I don’t take her lyft and I will have problems. The two start going at it again and I get to the bar. Girl gets out and asks if I can take him home 35miles away. High surge and my ego at being able to fuck her brother up if he tries anything makes me go. Drop him off and notice this as he’s walking into his apartment complex. Little fuck was fast.

(Lisa Markee) #2

Wow. Just fucking. Wow
Looks like he used his key. Smh
Hope you get some kind of fee for that

(Christian Odom) #3

What I seen other drivers do is. File a police report. Sue Uber/Lyft and John doe for damages in small claims court. They will release the person information. Sue him for damages. Why do this? Uber has 1000 deductible, Lyft $2000. It looks like is going to cost you. Good luck. Sorry this happened to you.

(Brahim Decker) #4

The second shit gets uncomfortable my car breaks and ride over instantly. Shake the wheel and pretend you can’t control it. Ride over get out. It don’t give them any time to fuck stuff up.

(Cody Parker) #5

As soon as the first threat was uttered, the car stops and out they go, no matter where that may be.

(Marsha_Smith) #6

Damn that sucks! What a prick, has to pout and throw a tantrum even when he gets his way.

(Chris Stipe) #7

I’m sorry. Uber and Lyft should be more liable when stuff like this happens since drivers have no control over billing riders for damage nor the ability to deactivate them. This pax should be banned.

(Rakesh Sharma) #8

Oh hell no I would have called the cops right that second I wouldn’t have left the apartment complex

(Abdul Karim) #9

This is why I do not do, what I call “drunken hours.” i would have given them the DRIVE of their lives then “handled” that threat.

(Snyder Reed) #10

Lyft will give you $250, a dog made a small hole on my seat and that’s how much they gave me

(Hassan) #11

How did you not end up in jail? …cause if someone did that to my car, I think I’d fuck them up…awesome self control!!:wink:

(Laura Lee) #12

I noticed after. He slammed my door hard so I got out to whoop his ass and he dipped. Got a ping at the same apartments and the next pax let me know.

If lyft doesn’t do anything I’ll be going to his apartment. Got friends that know his sister Sunny.

But we will see. I’m going through MEPS for the next two days so they got til weds

(Abel) #13

Fucking scum. Can’t have anything nice… mess someone else’s up. I don’t do drunk Lyfts… ebet

(Chris Stipe) #14

Police report made and lyft supervisor at damage claims spoken to. She assured me they will take this very seriously as obviously he probably would have resorted to violence if he thought he could win against me. She assured me multiple times they will handle it so we will see.

If not I have his address and someone that knows his sister so…street justice will happen and maybe some collections

(Marsha_Smith) #15

a little advice: don’t mention wanting to or knowing any way of getting back at him on any forum or group…stuff like this can be used against you later in court if something happens. just keep that info to yourself.