Getting real tired of people not understanding how ridesharing works

Picked a guy up at the Tool concert last night in Pittsburgh. While I was waiting for him to show up; another guy walks up to my car and taps on the window. He was offering me cash to tske him and his friends somewhere. I told him I would never do that, and rolled up my window. The guy started acting all offended like he honestly ecpected me to accept And if any of you here happen to be the people who accept cash like that; don’t let me find you. You give us all a bad name.

Also picked up riders at Tool. It was surging at 3.5 when I got the trip. Hope tomorrow’s U2 is the same.

Bullshit if you have rideshare insurance and the for hire endorsement on your license you can accept cash rides and i live in indiana come find me. Making threats when you dont know the facts.

In Colorado picking up pax without an appt thru an is a violation. There’re periodic stings and violating drivers fined. One needs a common carrier license for one’s company which entails specific conditions and minimum commercial liability insurance (different from TNC insurance)

We can get along i just dont like it when people dont know the facts and post some random bullshit.

Not trying to be a dick, but you could’ve told him no in a nicer way, then told him how ridesharing works. You were waiting, you had nothing else to do. He was probably to drunk to let it sink in, but at least you tried to teach him!

I was at Disney Springs this past weekend and someone actually walked up and opened my car door to get in… I said “are you _____?” and she said “nah, but I will be if you can take me to my hotel… you’ve been waiting long enough for ______ so I’ll just give you cash instead. That’s what you guys prefer anyways, right?”
Who does that???

How is the Disney market? Every time I have driven it, it was slow and not really worth my time.

I go in the evenings and I’ve always had back to back trips. You have to make sure you stay within their geo-fence though or you won’t get ride requests. It took me a day or two to figure that out. But if you go to Disney Springs and sit in the Strawberry Lot, you’ll get them :slight_smile:

could’ve been nicer…you’re giving us a bad name by being a douche bag…he didnt ask you to introduce him to your sister…tone it down a little sparkles…

Everybody knows what " dont let me catch you means. Allen was within his rights to respond in kind.

No, everybody doesn’t. I had this debate with my fiancee last night. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Nobody is a mind reader. We don’t always know what you mean. But I definitely know what you said, and I can only comment on that.

I’ve got def leppard in concert on Thursday. Hope its better than the Tim McGraw and faith hill concert a couple weeks ago. I got crap rides for that one.

I had a super drunk girl walk up and get in my car outside the bars at pacific beach. I was going to bring her home for free, but she couldnt even tell me her address. At that point I started thinking about me cleaning up puke for free. Had to toss her out right by the bouncers. Scary to think who elses car she got in to (she was very attractive).

Why is that¿-- some of us have commercial or rideshare insurance which is why Swarm City exists. No fees. No boundaries.