Getting flagged for safety or driving impaired

I’ve been driving for Lyft and Uber for almost 3 years. Lately I even been getting flagged for safety or driving impaired. I don’t drink, take any drugs or smoke weed or tobacco. I keep my car clean and I get complimented by Uber for smooth breaks and accelerations every time. What is going on? Are people getting that desperate for free rides that they’ll get someone fired over a $5 ride? I have no idea why I am being targeted all of a sudden. I’m very careful and follow the speed limit. WTF?

Try not to sweat it, there’s almost nothing you can do to prevent it. A dash cam and a good driving history is about all that will help.

Just by me telling a passenger this morning that she must select multi riders if she has friends along caused the Hawthorne high school student to leave a rider feed back of being unprofessional

If that student was under 18, you were taking a chance. Breaking Uber rules, insurance waived, possible child abuse accusations/charges… Just say no.

Anyone with a credit card or ability to borrow one from Mom / Dad or Mom / Dad ordered the ride. Oh and you can report them for fraudulent rider if they are under 18, in addition to cancelling the ride.

Uber and Lyft put us in a terrible position when it comes to minors. The California puc or cpuc do not allow for people under 18 to drive with a Rideshare driver. They could ride with a cab driver because they do fingerprints are properly vetted or a bus driver who is also properly vetted, but may have a bus full of drunk and perverts but that’s not our business anyway. The idea is, a minor can get trapped in a car with the wacko really easily. If they look 18 I asked him, so you’re 18? If they say yes or no I deal with it appropriately but if it’s obvious they’re under 18 I won’t take him

Dashcam wont help as uber will nottakes videos,as they wont even disclose pax who did and yes people will kill even for 5 bucks let alone free rides

Neither Uber or Lyft listens to drivers. They are the same. My rating for Lyft is 4.83 and Uber is 4.80.

Same thing happened me twice in the last year. I don’t drink anything what so ever and drive or take drugs or scripts meds or drive when tired. It actually put me in depression both times it happened because try so hard and sucks with this stuff happens.

I drove 3 days this week I was amazing to EVERYONE…I got flagged for safety,navigation and wait for it…My car had a strong smell of weed which got me deactivated for 48 hrs which I had already taken my 2 days off and have a rental that I need to work for to cover everyday…COMPLETE LIE! …4 messages, a trip down to Uber location And 2 phone calls to get back online at exactly 48hrs then I had 1 day left in the week which I had to wk 13 hrs straight just so I could cover my rental AND gas for the week! I’m FURIOUS…I understand liability Uber has and has to deactivate us BUT 48hrs??? While a customer gets a free ride and probably a future ride credit…THIS NEEDS TO BE PART OF THE 180 DAYS OF CHANGE!!!

your main argument is what I was referring…uber/lyft throw us under the bus too quickly. We are entitled to our day in court in other words. But I understand their position as well: if they didn’t deactivate someone with real problems and then caused an accident or worse they could be sued into bankruptcy. It’s a tough situation with no easy answers.

I’ve had 3 passengers who claimed their Lyft driver was drunk. They claim the drivers were white middle aged women…I didn’t believe them at first, but now!:roll_eyes:

Drinking is killing twice as many middle-aged white women as it did 18 years ago.

Generally, middle age (age 35 to 54) is not the time to die in modern societies. It is past teenage dangers, before the serious perils of age, and improved medical care and public-health campaigns are keeping more people alive.

So why are middle-aged white womendying more often even while death rates for other groups continue to go down? What are white women doing that is so different?

[Why death rates for white women in rural America are spiking]

One simple answer is: a lot more drinking.…/nine-charts-that…/…

Free rides. There needs to be penalties for false complaints. When a dash cam can undoubtedly prove a complaint wrong, then the complainer should be fines and suspended as well. I mean we get suspended and ultimately lose money because of it too.

This will only stop when Uber stops giving out free rides with no proof of wrongdoing. They have to suspend you temporarily, because if you actually WERE drinking and they didn’t and you killed someone, they’d be liable. But if they stopped rewarding the riders for reporting these things, the false reports would cease.

I had an old lady tell Uber I was impaired I told them was the trip completed they said yes so I say how do you complete a trip with an impaired driver they reactivated my account

ASL passengers that put you on blast for impairment or what not should get stomped like those people at the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back who were dissing them at the beginning of the movie

People are unbelievable… sorry you are going through that. Sounds like you are doing a great job and I’m positive that most passengers are more than happy with the rides you provide. :slight_smile:

I think it’s Uber and lyft that’s doing it. I talked to drivers at the airport and happens to them all time as soon as you’re rating starts to get up around 4.9 you start getting flags

Just remember you can’t legally record anyone in your vihicle without postings a warning sign. You can be sued.

Depends on the law in your state here in Kentucky for instance as long as I know I’m doing the recording that’s legal enough because one party consent is all that’s required