Getting a 4 star rating

Just wondering, (this may not be a big deal to some of you drivers, but it’s a big deal to me), has anyone received a 4 star rating from a rider and you have no idea why??

I’ve never had any issues, ill words, verbal complaints etc. from any rider. Every rider I’ve had so far has been polite and thanked me before exiting my vehicle and I the same to them. Of all the rides I’ve given, one 4⛤ rating is all I’ve gotten, the rest have been 5⛤. I’ve even received numerous excellent service badges. It bothers me because I have no idea what happened during the trip to cause the rider to feel they needed to rate me a 4⛤.

I’m now less than a 5⛤ rating and it truly bothers me.

One girl got in my car and somehow we got on the topic of ratings. She said she never gives more than a 3. I asked her why and she said no one is perfect. It’s not like you delivered my baby or something.
I said well…did I pick you up in a timely manner? Was my car clean? Was I nice to you? Did I get you safely to your destination? If the answer is yes to all those questions I have done my job perfectly. I’m not here to serve you caviar and champagne and deliver your baby. Much less when you 3 star or below you will never be matched with that driver again.
She said well that’s a great point. I will start rating appropriately.

I picked up a lady who sat in my car at the end of the ride and told me she was giving me a 4 star rating. She said I did everything great, it’s just that she only gives a 5 Star to EXTRAORDINARY DRIVERS who go ABOVE AND BEYOND. Bitch must have wanted a foot massage or a kiss ass driver!

There’s a Good chance you appeared to be Happy or Having A Great Day. That seems to tick people off that’s not having the same type of Day. If you let it bother you, then they’ve won. I wouldn’t.

I am at 4.91 and still get a 1 star every once in awhile. No big deal. Maybe the rider had to wait too long for you to arrive. Maybe the rider thought you took the long way. Maybe the music was not their type or maybe the a/c or heat was uncomfortable for them. Who knows. Just do your best and provide a safe and comfortable ride.

No one gets 5 stars. Some people are trolls when rating. Other people just think 4 is great and 5 means extremely exceptional. Or perhaps your car squeaked that ride or the seatbelt was jammed for a moment. You’ll never know. I’m a great driver and have 4.98 after hundreds of rides …you have just expect the random weird ratings.

I picked up a passenger from the African market on Morse road. Uber told me to go behind the place to pick him up. He called and there was a slight language barrier on the phone but it wasnt bad in person. I was able to pick him up after I got around the building. He had his wife and a couple kids and some groceries. His next stop was aldi. So I dropped him off and offered to wait with uber for them to get a few things. When we got to aldi and completed the trip he gave me 4 stars. I was half tempted to leave his groceries on the ground and book it. I still waited for him and took him home after. My only non 5 star trip

You will learn quickly that ratings don’t matter much. 1 4 star is not a big deal and you will drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what you did. Just move on from it

I got 2* last week and I don’t know why. But I’m not worried about it. I still have a 4.96 rating. Can’t please everybody

Maybe your radio was too loud, too soft, wrong channel, hit a bump, didn’t like your hair, wanted a white car instead of a silver car. A four star for some is a five star for most. Just happens

The rating system isn’t really explained to riders. Some might think a 4 is a good rating.

Maybe when I was a rookie, after almost 4yrs, I appreciate what’s important. Pax not being rude or dirtying up my ride😁

I have 6 1 stars so it says. No idea why. I am always nice and can read people when they get in the car

Just wait till you get 1☆ for no damned reason…thats always fun

Some people see only jesus as perfect and will take it upon themselves to humble you.

ya for my first 2000 drives everyone got 5 but if they make no effort to find me for no ther reason but they are a jerk off and demonstrate that on the ride no matter the duration I am likely to also give them less than 5 as they probably did me being they didn’t have anything good to say. Some people assume you are their private driver plus Uber doesn’t care if you earn 3 bucks every 20 minutes dealing with them

I really appreciate so much feedback and the encouragement to ignore it!! Makes me feel better

There’s a Good chance you appeared to be Happy or Having A Great Day. That seems to tick people off that’s not having the same type of Day. If you let it bother you, then they’ve won. I wouldn’t.

So does any of you provide anything extra for your riders?? Besides a way to get somewhere lol

I used to, found it to waste too much time and extra money and extra space in trunk for cold drinks etc