Get Health Insurance as a Rideshare Driver

Everyone loves it, but not everyone gets it.

To get a health insurance, you need to be an employee working for an employer who will give you some benefits, through which they will cover your medical expenses—a great security to motivate you to work harder and better for their company.

For the rest of us, the freelancers, the online consultants, and Uber drivers…we get nothing because we're the founders, makers, and the bosses of our own businesses. But we too—like others—need health insurance, as it's expensive to afford.

According to a report by Health Connect, the average cost of a 3-day stay in a US hospital is around $30, 000 and fixing a broken arm can cost an average American up to $7, 500.

But how do you drive for Uber and still own a health insurance?

Is there a way out to crack this code?

Is this even possible?

The answer is a big YES. Here's how to drive for Uber and still get your health insurance like the average full-time employee working for a big company.

Let Stride Health help you.

Stride Health is your best option to get health insurance as an Uber driver.

This private company with an amazing team (some of whom have driven for Uber) is in partnership with the government and other big health insurance companies. And can help enroll independent contractors just like you into your preferred health plan. All you need to do is visit their website, tell them about your interest, and they'll enroll you in the insurance company that is best for you.

And they'll do it for you all for free.

Open Enrollment Period.

"Your health," they say, "is your wealth."

As an Uber driver, don't get obsessed with shuttling passengers and cashing money to the extent of neglecting your health. Remember that your health is the ultimate fuel that keeps your ride-hailing business going. So, keep your ears open: Evaluate your health insurance when the next Open Enrollment Period starts.

Open Enrollment Period is an annual period of time (usually from October 15 through December 7) when current Medicare users can choose to re-assess some of their healthcare coverage and see if it is worth continuing, need some adjustment, or dropped altogether.

However, if you don't qualify for Medicare, don't be scared. You're not alone. There are other options for you: You can buy your own insurance from the individual market. Let's talk about that next.

Individual market.

For those without public coverage and or job, the individual market can get them covered.

As an independent contractor, you can shop for your preferred health insurance in the individual market with ease. Because of its efficiency and satisfaction, more people are getting their health insurance through the individual insurance market.

A recent study by the Common Wealth Fund reports that "approximately 22 million Americans receive health insurance through the individual insurance market," the Organization founds out. And this includes federally subsidized health plans sold through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces and other unsubsidized plans subject to ACA regulations.

With this, anyone can get their own health insurance—be it a full-time paid employer or a driver for a ride-sharing company.


So, here you have it: Three smart options for having your own health insurance as an independent contractor. Whether you're a freelance developer or a professional driver, you can get your own health insurance to cover your health expenses through the aforementioned alternatives. And that's what you need to power your business with confidence…like anybody else.