Gadgets and Apps to Make Rideshare Driver's World Smooth

Work of a rideshare driver is not always effortless, considering the challenges he/she might face on the road. But, thanks to the digital era we currently live in, there are various applications, software, gadgets and services available which can make the job of a rideshare driver quite comfortable, and at the same time, improve the quality of his or her service to his passengers.

In this article, we are going to suggest some of the apps and devices that are worth giving a try for any rideshare driver.



Whether you are a rideshare driver or a private one, it is imperative to keep track of your car’s mileage. It will not only let you keep track of your vehicle’s fuel consumption, but also the fact that a proper analyzing of your mileage lets you get tax deductions, and thus more benefits for your business.

MileBug is an excellent app for mileage tracking. It is a GPS mile tracker and helps you increase your tax deductions by the end of the year. What I like the most in this app is the fact that it allows you to create your expense categories and customize the working according to your specific preferences. Also, MileBug Cloud stores all the drive data safely, so that they can be retrieved in case one loses his phone.

Metromile Pay-Per-Mile Insurance

The Metromile Pay-Per-Mile Insurance App is a highly recommended app amongst rideshare drivers’ community. To me, the main attraction of this app is its pay per mile scheme. For drivers who seek savings on auto insurance and usually drive on low mileage, Metromile proves to be very profitable. It does not consider facts such as how fast you drive or how hard you brake. Also, this app offers various insurance claims for cases of bodily injury, collision, property damage, rental reimbursement, etc. The data storing system of this app is very secure, making it a must-have app.


Waze is an internationally accepted and successful traffic and navigational app. Its cloud-based service collects data from multiple drivers on the road and helps them find the optimum route based on the collected data, thus saving the drivers’ time by making them avoid traffic jams and dead ends. Its multiple-cloud-providing system makes the network quite resilient and makes the service more dependable – a handy tool for any rideshare driver.

Another nice feature of this application is that Waze gives all its users the feature to report prices at gas stations. Because of this, you can navigate to the cheapest gas stations en route and hence save gas money on every refill.

Weather Underground

For driving at any location, keeping track of the weather beforehand has always proved to be a smart move, especially in cities where the weather is known to be having a harsh effect. And for keeping track of the weather at all times, you need a reliable application, and, not to mention, a stable internet connection.

Weather Underground is a reliable weather app and has many unique features which distinguish it from other ordinary weather forecasting applications.

Unlike other weather apps which depend only on NEXRAD’s radar data, Weather Underground also collects data from other weather stations and displays the forecast by all the calculated statistics. The parameters include temperature, pressure, humidity, rainfall and wind details (speed and direction). It enables you to get an accurate forecast and also real-time weather reports.

Another exciting feature of this application is that it tells you when it is going to get dark. It helps you make decisions such as, whether you have the time for riding a few extra miles or not. I have been using this app for quite a long time, and it has proved to be very accurate and successful.


If you want to make a bit of extra money for all your trips, you can try advertising products and services to generate small-scale income, thus adding to your total revenue over a period.

Vugo is an app which is used to develop an advertising platform which can be used in rideshare vehicles. A driver can entertain his passengers with relevant media and contextual ads, and accept tips which get digitally transferred to his PayPal account. It is quite simple to use, yet profitable on a small scale for every trip.


Mystro is a multipurpose app, primarily developed to be used by rideshare drivers. Many drivers use their vehicles for more than one rideshare services, such as Lyft, Uber, OrderUp, etc. This app makes the job easier for them by allowing them to drive for multiple on-demand platforms and assuring them that they never miss a trip they want. So, if you want to work on various platforms, you should try out this app.

Mystro has certain unique features. The app switching feature automatically switches your service from one platform to another, thus letting you drive consistently. Its Filter Trip Request feature prevents you from getting any spam request and allows you to accept the optimum trips for you. Its Service Filter feature lets you decide which car service works for you in any particular situation
Another new and exciting feature of Mystro is the Hands-Free Automation, which enables you to concentrate on the road while you drive, and accepts the trip requests for you – automatically.


SherpShare is another all-in-one mobile app which has various features bundled into one 22 MB app.
SherpaShare analyzes your past trip details and gives you various informative statistics such as underserved areas, profitable routes, revenue-maximizing intersections and other details. It charts your hourly fuel consumptions and profits. It also has a driver-to-driver chat feature which provides you with insights from other drivers. Its straightforward interface makes SherpaShare a very user-friendly and useful app for rideshare drivers.


Wi-Fi Router

To me, Wi-Fi Router is the best option for internet connection, as it allows the driver to connect multiple devices to the internet.

Power-Bank Charger

If you are a rideshare driver, you have to depend on your mobile services. Power-Bank chargers prove to be quite handy in case your device falls short of charge.

Mobile-Phone Holder

Keep your mobile phone fixed near your dashboard, so that it is easily accessible by you at all times. Also, it makes activities such as voice recognition easy.

Mechanical Tools

Imagine you are traveling in a remote area, and your car breaks down. For such cases of emergency, always keep some essential mechanical tools handy, so that you can temporarily start the car and take it to the nearest mechanic.

With the help of these tools and tricks, you will realize that the job of Rideshare driving can prove to be quite profitable and fun.

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