Frustrated Lyft driver here

On December 31st my rating was a 4.90. As of this morning it is now 4.67. I have a clean car inside and out, I’m courteous, and I’m a safe driver. Not sure what the issue is and it can be difficult to tell what’s wrong through Lyft. Any suggestions?

Lyft ratings is based on 100 rides intead of 500 like Uber, so a bad rating has more effect, but is also gone quicker.

Either way I’m an optimist I see good in all of them. Even the kid who leaked beer all over my seats

Passengers think a 4 star is good. Start taking to them and you will find this out. Make a sign, please rate me 5 star.

I know the ratings is the the thing many of us will take the most pride in- after the $$ - but you should ask yourself after every ride- did I provide a good experience? If you can confidently and objectively say ‘yes I did’ then the ratings you’re seeking will be just fine. There will always be the negative Nancy/Norman here and there- but you can overcome them with continued rock solid service levels! I am new to this gig- brand new- but as a 20year drug/retail manager I know it’s a simple reality.

The question is: How old are you? A lot of riders give bad ratings to older drivers many times (but not all times) and women tend to get higher ratings. It is really hard to fight this.

Put snacks and water in your car and get chargers for all current phone models, also if you smoke(whether it’s outside the car or not) they can smell it and may rate you badly

I have phone chargers, I don’t smoke, I offer to adjust heat, let them pick a radio station if they want, always keep my car clean and smelling good, and have spray can air freshener for when I have smelly passengers. I simply use it after they exit my car, always making sure to leave their sight before doing so. I used to offer water but stopped since most of my passengers declined.

It’s better if they decline but just having it there helps. A lot of the time i rate drivers negatively for those smelly things they spray. It’s often too much and gross

Take a look for this group I created, we have the same frustrations. So, we’re trying to surround ourselves with drivers who are tired of the negative attitudes prevalent in so many Lyft and Uber groups.