Frustrated Friday

I am so frustrated right now Friday I was told cause I updated instant pay that support team would have to review and be updated in2 hours, Saturday girl told me it will be ready within 24 hours the latest or within 4 hours, Saturday night was advise could take as long as 48 hours, still cannot cash out, Sunday was told could take 48 hours but should get a notice from support to verify my information, never received, Monday morning still no access and finally when called in guy got support to send me link, updated information and used support link to verify information, now at 3pm advise may take as long as 2 weeks and to wait on yet some more instructions from support. I have same phone and no restrictions with anything on phone for giving me any indication that someone else has access. same with my accounts why I am having the hardest time getting paid I don’t understand.

did you change banks or just card… well theyres a new rideshare company launching called tryp you cash out whenever you want toooo.

Same thing happened to me. Took me over a week to have the idiots fix it. Everytime you hit cash out apparently it resets the system. Would have been nice to know that.

Kept saying the “specialized team” had to check things. Ridiculous.

My advice is to leave the cash out button alone and wait for the message from the specialized team. Then wait 48 hours more before even trying to cash out.

omg and every time you get someone on the phone it’s chopped up English and it’s like they read script so you don’t get correct info just scripted information.

If they said u will get a message to verify that will happen. Just don’t push the button for cashing out

Never change instant pay. Be happy with your bank and card number. They will always shut it down for days since all the scammers got into driver accts and changed everything around fucking drivers out of their pay

It’s 48 hours. But if you try instant pay during that time, the 48 hours restarts.

It will be in your bank account tomorrow, assuming you have direct deposit setup

I did the same thing and they (uber) said I have been hacked and to change password then it took alot of bitching and they deposited my money 2 weeks later then I still could not cash out took more bitching until finally it worked

I don’t know how to get in touch with lyft if anything went wrong

It really surprises me how many drivers are so dependent on the Cash out option. you could do so much better for yourselves if you become financially sound.

It seems like if you have to cash out every day just to operate Uber there’s something wrong with your business model.

I would encourage drivers to have 1000 just for their emergency fund and 4-6 Months of operating costs just to do rideshare.

some people assume things that are not the current situation watch what you put. I just think it’s bad practice

Not assuming anything just putting out best practices if the comment does not fit your current situation then that’s wonderful.

I truly feel the cash out option is a bad choice you pay.50 every time. I prefer to leave my earnings in an account that I have not touched for almost 4 Years. I have found other income revenue from my passengers that fuel my earnings and allow me not to touch my earnings.

Go to the hub will fix everything for you