From taxi to Uber and Lyft

I drove a regular taxi for 7 years. I now drive Uber and Lyft…4 months. Sometimes I get the feeling that drivers are exaggerating their earnings. So I thank those that post some sort of proof.
In my city , the average Uber customer believes uberX drivers make more than taxi drivers.
They don’t tip because they are not accustomed to it and because they think we don’t need it.
I feel it’s important for us drivers to get the word out to our customers that tipping is appreciated welcomed and needed. We have to change their mindset.

thank you for sharing your story. Just out of curiousity what do you prefer? Uber or taxi? Which do you think is going to be better in the long run? I find this issue rather interesting

Prefer? I prefer the money I used to make driving the Yellow Cab. I make about a third to a half of what I used to make.
But I love the app and learning new things.
My guess for the future is some regular taxis will remain in business but in greatly reduced numbers. I do not see anything stopping Uber and Lyft and ride sharing apps taking over the car for hire world. Even if Uber were to get in some kind of big trouble and fold another company or companies would take their place.
The key here is the customer. It’s much cheaper often quicker and more convenient to take Uber or Lyft than regular taxi service.
The app will win.
And the consumer will benefit. Ride-sharing makes it much more affordable for the average person to get around town. Any town. Same app.
Uber and Lyft have to continually hire a lot of people each week. As long as they can continue to have an endless supply of new drivers the fares will remain low. At those prices they’ll get more and more customers and more and more business and continue to grow. Ride sharing apps are the future. I’m looking into getting one myself.
Yellow Cab has had a taxi app that’s a lot like Uber’s for 3 years now. But it’s twice the price for the customer. Low prices will always win.
The Yellow Cab Company I drove for is now making adjustments. Some of them are positive but I don’t think they’re going to win a lot of Rideshare customers over.
There is a safety Factor concerning background checks of the drivers. Unless there’s a lot of publicized incidents it won’t be a factor.
I’m still very curious about the actual income for many of the ride-sharing drivers in this country. I’ve got to figure out how to make that good money too

I average anywhere from $15-25/hr here in Honolulu. UberX.

That would be great if I made that here in Detroit or somewhere down south but I heard the cost of living is more in Hawaii so I guess everyone’s pay kinda even’s out. Almost like how older people say back in my day a new car cost $5,000, but they don’t always mention that they only made $1.50 an hour.

Only a small percentage of drivers make enormous amount of money these drivers are drivers that work under Uber black Uber SUV Uber Lux Uber Lux SUV and Uber XL platforms, this is why Uber customers have this misconception that all Uber drivers make good money. If you ever have the opportunity and one of these platforms is available in your Market I would recommend to upgrade there is a small learning curb but it’s worth it.

Very good post and point man. I’m thinking I’m going to have to give in and out some kind of jar in the car for tips and a sign for rating, I’ve wanted to stay away from it for personal reasons but I’m thinking its stupid to let money or ratings walk away with at least not mentioning it

Some of the Very people that drive will hang you if you say Passengers should tip. It’s a custom in America to Tip.Doesnt change cause of a Phone App

I drive Uber and Lyft.
Lyft app does not allow for Plus only on my Van
I explained a Lyft Executive that their app should allow use to use that mode.
Uber does and when you get a event and it’s surging I going uber XL only and they lose money

I too have been reluctant to post a sign or a jar or tip receptacle of some type or ask the customer in any way for a tip. I feel it is improper somehow. I now feel that I should get over that feeling and communicate to them somehow that tips are welcome and proper. We must remember that Uber from its beginning discouraged tipping. There is some Merit to the idea that customers don’t have to tip at all ever. It’s somewhat of a hassle to tip and many people feel bothered by it. They don’t know how much. They don’t know how they should give it to you or what to say. So they don’t. In the meantime uberX driver income has been going down. We have to counter that somehow and encouraging tipping is one way.

I have 16 years experience in transportation (school bus, paratransit bus, transit bus, limos, and on demand special needs door to door). In a typical week, part time, uber and lyft combined, i make 600-700. It’s all about learning your area and finding your hotspots which are different for every town, every driver.
Edit: ride share is NOT THE SAME INDUSTRY as a taxi service. It’s entirely different from every field of transportation and has completely different ebs and flows. People tend to block it in alongside the taxi services.

I’ve found it’s great to learn peoples work schedule if they have a good commute. Some are worth going out of my way to be available for them, some are worth avoiding

Rideshare is different. We/I have to adjust. You have to think more to do the Uber job. Driving the Yellow Cab for 7 years I could just go out and plop right in it during busy times and make good money. It was a good deal here in Galveston.
And I’m driving three times the miles to make the same money. I’m going to upgrade.

Where I’m at in California it averages out to a 10.00 hour min wage job . But that’s before all the extra gas and expenses are added in … so after taxes this year I’ll let you know if it’s even profitable .

In my research and reading about Uber and Lyft drivers all over the United States that’s the story I hear most. Very little money. Driving their car in the ground with nothing to show for it. Lots of Rideshare drivers living in their cars Etc. I believe it’s only in certain areas that the drivers make very good money. If I’m going to continue I’m going to find one of those spots

I’ve been thinking about trying to get me a minivan or something to do Lyft plus. Like on the weekends and during events.

Hard sell. I followed a comment feed where riders were saying we are self employed so that justifies not tipping. Tips are for employees not owners.