Friendly reminder

Just a friendly reminder about group etiquettes when it comes to making money in Atlanta.

You need to understand the people who are in this group: Drivers, riders, people in Atlanta and most importantly people out of Atlanta. People out of Atlanta are only in the group to get information about this city.
United is by far the biggest when it comes to size so it’s much harder to Filter what comes through the pipeline. But damnit if y’all don’t shoot y’all selves in your own damn foot. For example, the Beyoncé concert. Folks with any inkling of rideshare processes that drive in Atlanta already knew Beyoncé was coming to town. A post wasn’t necessary. All those Beyoncé is coming posts alerted Billy bob in Auburn and Wanita in South Carolina that their was possible money to be made in Atlanta. How does bringing drivers to an area that you plan on driving ever help you?

I still have NO FREAKING IDEA why people do this. They’re practically announcing to the world “PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!” same reason why drivers still take pool rides, oh but i “only take them” this and that. bs

Their idiots!!! They’re mostly new drivers who don’t know how good it was in the past so they aren’t aware that what they are doing is literally costing them in a matter of hours what they could do in a day or so!!! I currently don’t have that luxury!!! It sucks too!! I hate making $5-10 for 30 minutes work!!!

This is hard #facts though.
Then they come and don’t know where to drive or how to get around the city and create even more traffic and make the atl native drivers look bad smh

He is right about that. I personally know a few drivers in neighboring states who travel here for big events. They never post in the group, but they do watch. I know many of you were not drivers last year, so you probably haven’t noticed all the extra drivers around the city, but there are way more drivers here than there ever has been (especially Lyft). Too much info can easily take money from yours and others pockets. If you didn’t drive last year at this time, then please take the advice of people who did. Last night for example was nothing on Lyft like it was a year ago.

I just don’t get why people post things. If there is a quest or surge going on here they come being WSBTV channel 2 new. Then when they don’t make enough money they come to the same group and complain. Like if you would learn to shut up then maybe you would have made something. I am all for helping people out but at some point people have to learn business is business. Period !

They post cause they want some Facebook action. They’re bored. Ain’t no way you’re driving and making money and stalking Facebook but if you are get off your damn phone. Causing wrecks and traffic

I personally feel like whether someone posts one or twenty events it won’t change the market. It’s saturated and that has changed the money flow for everyone. I use to drive weekends and make a easy 300 - 400. Shiddddd I barely made 150 the last weekend I drove and that was in July. These days you have to be creative, innovative, and a damn hustler to make driving profitable. I don’t drive full time and Uber/lyft isn’t my only source of income so I don’t have the energy nor time to put into it. Drivers have to be hungry and willing to put in the time to make the money these days. If your not…it’s simple you will not be profitable as a driver. Now all you bitter people in this group that troll and attack people for asking simple questions or making comments can kiss my grits. I hope you have a great weekend and a good holiday!! Happy driving. :smiley::smiley:

I’m an adult. And I can do what I want. It’s useful to some and others can keep scrolling. The same reason you post videos to be helpful and then maybe not. Understand that EVERY driver is not in this group and EVERY driver will not take heed to every post that is in this group. The market is saturated and that is the problem. Not what people post in this group. If you truly believe a post in this group is affecting the bottom line of what you do and do not make your truly living in a imaginary world sir. But to each their own! :woman_shrugging:t4:

it’s amazing how every veteran driver on this post and an admin who drove last year disagrees with you. I post videos to help…but I never give addresses etc!! Posting about Big Events is like giving an address. Also recently I’ve seen the effects of what posting surges can do and have lost a spot that is good for AP runs due to someone else not thinking:

I try my best to keep posts about events out of here some of the other admins don’t care. If any posts about events or surges report that shit an it’s gone.

Preach!!! I am from NC but dont go to ATL specifically to drive. I make enough in Charlotte. I drive Lyft in ATL when I come down for roller derby practice. Big events there…yall can have them. I will catch residual surges.

But great comment. People in Raleigh do this crap all the time and get VA shitheads All the damn time. “Where is the best place to stage for the concert? What are the best areas to go before to make some money?”

It’s enough money out here for everyone to survive…i ain’t ever mad about a person working unless they taking from my plate…i can’t be everywhere anyway

Exactly do ur on research and post results. Stop posting hot spots and shit keep it to urself this a selfish game play it right stop trying to help ever lil baby driver. I like to talk to my phone alot cause that’s how I use it in the car so I just start talking when. I hit the mic button sometimes and hit send

when I use speak to text it comes out crazy. LOL. The sentence I just sent might actually come out what are you eating for dinner instead. LOL