Found the right insurance company for Lyft and Uber drivers

I have found the one insurance company that will cover you as Lyft or Uber driver:
Farm Bureau insurance! If you are still on your old insurance companies don’t get into anything because the will drop you AND fine you.
So instead of going thru that headache unnecessarily check out Farm Bureau!

Each state is different.
In Florida, only State Farm & Farmers sell ridesharing insurance. I only pay $6 extra a month with State Farm.

Where did this list come from? My geico agent said I had to switch to commercial insurance and never said anything about 13 bucks more a month…

$6 extra in Florida with State Farm. Rates are cheap, but will depend on your vehicle & State you live in. I drive a
2016 8-passenger
Toyota Highlander.
Look for your state in the list.

I pay $150 a month mercury ridesga, but they wanna make me pay $1,000 renewal insurance premium, there crazy

Wow!! I just had to switch from farm bureau where i was paying $52 a month for full coverage with a $500 deductible. They told me they don’t cover rideshare. So I went with Geico who told me I had to get commercial for $175 a month. I’m in Tallahassee florida

State Farm & Farmers are the only companies that sell rideshare insurance in Florida. An addendum to a regular policy.

if you are covered, then you are buying a commercial policy from Geico, not just a rideshare addendum. I only pay State Farm $6 extra a month for addendum for my 2016 8-passenger Toyota Highlander.

So what’s wrong with my Geico commercial policy???

Probably nothing. But you might want to check State Farm rates on the chance of saving money. The only other company in Florida that sells an addendum is Farmers. Any other companies will force you in to a commercial policy. For some people that may or may not be cheaper. I’m going to shop prices every time I come up for renewal. It IS all about the money!
Florida is thinking about changing the no fault laws. If they do that, then that is going to dictate different premiums, etc.

Check the mile radius you are covered under. They quoted me an UNGODLY commercial premium that only covered me in a 25 mike radius of my home. I’m in Arkansas… another driver I know was either going to be forced to commercial or his regular policy dropped if he did not provide proof that he had deactivated his accts on both platforms. :confused:. Every state is different but I think Geico is trying to rip everyone off by pushing commercial policy.

I knew it would be more than my personal insurance policy…But from $52 to $175 :hushed:. But I had to get it.

Never ask you’re current insurance company unless you have already found other insurance… They will drop you like a hot potato!!!

It’s bs because uber has coverage for us. I was just in an accident and my insurance had nothing to do with it. Under your waybill you will see your liability coverage from James rivers insurance. All non owned cars are covered but with a $1000 deductible

Prior to picking up pax, it is only liability provided by Uber (it does not cover your car). After picking up pax while on a trip, Uber provides full coverage.

Only pay up $110 full coverage on a newer car 2015$500 deductible through Allstate

Allstate is the highest insurance quote for me. It depend on the person, their zip code, credit score and type of car driven.