Found a good job outside ridesharing

Worked 10 hours today at Pizza Hut :pizza:
Net pay $160 in tips and 10 hours at $7.25 so I made $232 put only 130 miles on my ride and only went through $15 in gas
Didn’t take a single Uber ride and I am on cloud 9

I have a job. Corporate catering deliveries for a company that stole me away from DoorDash. They were company number 5 that offered me a job in a weeks time.

So, you’re saying that there are other jobs that someone whose only life skill is owning a car and being able to use a cellphone can do? No waaaaay. So, you’re also saying that there are literally no excuses left for all the whining that the Uber Lifers do about how unfair they get treated? Nope. I refuse to believe that Uber isn’t the only way for someone who feels that they aren’t making enough money doing ridesharing to earn MORE MONEY. I bet you’re going to say all you had to do was look for another job to find a different job too.

One of the best days of the year to deliver pizza, but what happens with a regular Monday or Tuesday?, consistency on bills , consistency on money making…

he just said he makes 7.25 an hour plus tips. Considering these drivers complain they make 3.25 an hour. If they had his job there income would double.

There are slow days even at a pizza place usually you take those off as needed or you work a shift in the evening say 5-9 and make about 40 in tips and 40 in per hour wages so you make like $80 bucks for that and then you side hustle for Uber/lyft in the morning and make around $50 so you earn around 129-140

Usually more like $1 to $2 per delivery and not always minimum wage. Since it’s a tipped job, they can pay less if the tips take you over minimum same as waiters. Some places only pay $5 or $6 an hour.

Exactly wrong I make 7.25 an hour with Pizza Hut per hour plus tips I averaged $23 dollars an hour that’s like getting a trip from bush to downtown 11 times most people tip 3-5 bucks on average and then there are the good tips like 10-20 also the company pays .88 cents per delivery which pays your gas

I know one pizza place in River Oaks that pays $5.25 plus $2 a delivery. The tips are consistently very high though and they split carry out tips.

In that case less than minimum wage is fine if you’re making huge tips that it is probably a good place to work

the delivery fee isn’t for wage or tip it’s paid to the driver for wear and tear on vehicle. If you ever order a pizza that “delivery fee” that’s added on to the total goes directly to the driver and is not considered a tip

I understand that and didn’t say anything to the contrary. Some places do not pay as much as you said. I’ve worked for one that paid $1 delivery fee, less than minimim wage hourly, plus tips.

The one where u make all the tips. What neighborhood. I delivered in Copperfield area and it was nowhere near that good of tips

All you need is work ethic. Anyone whose mentioned “work” and “uber” or “lyft” as having anything in common has no idea what work ethic is and is pissing in the wind. Lol
Job rates are at an all time high! Reach and get it son!!

There’s a ton of money to be made in this economy boom around Houston. Sitting and complaining about uber is like admitting that you’re too lazy to go get it.

Some neighborhoods pay better than minimum-wage because they have a little likelihood of getting tips and that is the only way to get drivers to work in those Neighborhood