Fortunately I got another ride right away in the same area so I didn't have to deal with the woman's wrath

Got pinged for a pickup at the Shrine Auditorium. Had to drive about 3 miles to get to the pickup spot even though the app listed it as 1 minute away. (That’s another gripe for another day.)

I call the pax and let her know I’m at Fig & Jeffy, intending to give her instructions to find my car (and a password so I don’t pick up the wrong person). She apparently can’t find it. I try to give her specific details to find my car, but she’s constantly interrupting me. Apparently a fight broke out somewhere around her and she wants to be picked up NOW. “I’m at the Shrine Auditorium!” she bellows. I try to inform her that she needs to come towards my direction because there’s nowhere else on the street to pull over. She gets huffy. “You’re supposed to come here and pick me up, I’m shouldn’t have to walk all the way over to you!”

Click. Cancel. Thanks for playing.

I could understand her being in a bit of a panic because of the fight, but they’re not going to let me drive into the foyer. My “I’m parked behind the orange Porsche” is a much more succinct description of who and where I am than her “I’m blonde and wearing black”. Yes, lady, and so are 50 other people walking out onto the sidewalk

I have to imagine Uber will ease up on the ruthless rating system for drivers with more than a few months under their belt, once it occurs to them that good drivers with nice cars are being extremely risk-averse with regard to who they will pick up. I’d be worry-free if customers’ rating were augmented by a calculation of the average rating that rider gives out to drivers. If someone is routinely giving out 3’s, then her 4 is your average rider’s 5.

First problem in the above is asking Uber more than ONE question at a time. It’s one of their rulz. Don’t get too complicated or you may not get an answer after the FIRST question.

I don’t drive kids unless the pax have child seats that are put in and strapped down by them, then checked by me for security.

That’s exactly right. There has to be consequences to passengers who consistently rate low. As is, anything below a 5 is a failing grade. Most passengers don’t realize that. They think a 4 is good.

Pretty sure most aren’t and is most often the result of the customer. While I am quite tolerant, often quiet and friendly, leaving most to their own business or chatting if they would like to, I’ve found passengers don’t understand what it takes to be a driver and how difficult it can be, plenty more are new and don’t understand it entirely. I surely wouldn’t be a fan of an individual being belligerent or rude or distracting while I’m attempting to provide a safe, reliable and professional service while in my own vehicle and having my own risks I need to worry about.

Passengers, call the ride in the right location, get in, ride to the destination you selected, get out. A lot of the responsibility weighs on the customer, any confusion would likely fall to them. I’ll wear a suit, to show you I’m serious and enjoy the work and service I provide you. I’ll wait for you at parade rest at the meeting spot you designated with an umbrella if needed, I’ll confirm your identity and greet you in a professional manor. I’ll open the door for you and load any bags you have, I’ll even provide snacks, power sources, wifi and radio on your request and I’ll do the job you’ve requested me to do. I’m sure some of us couldn’t ask for much more from our customers, than a little respect, and 5 stars, of course.

Sometimes when I get Lyft and Uber pings at the same time I’ll accept both. I’ll drive to the Lyft pickup and just leave the Uber pax hanging. Sometimes I pick up the Lyft pax and will have driven them a couple of miles before the Uber cancels. My record is well over five minutes.

There is not much in this world more tragic than an UberX U.S. citizen, military even, wearing a cheap suit, driving their nice car, doing a great professional service and thinking they are making money for net $2.40 rides before ANY costs are applied.

Driving for a TNC is not my primary job, I don’t live in a heavily used area so it’s too inconsistent. Whether I get 1 fare a day or 20 during my free time. It’s a nice bit of extra cash and gives me experience in a field I enjoy and an open door to expand upon it.

In this case…
why would Ubers policy matter? If a child requires a car seat of any kind because the law says so…then they need ac at seat. Über paying the fines or supplying you with a lawyer has no relevancy at all. A conviction for a child not in a car seat or all the way up for negligent homicide falls on YOUR RECORD. Also…if you are pulled over do ya really think the cop,is gonna let you proceed with the child in the car? If he does and you do he can pull you over again right on the spot. How do ya think that is gonna look? Wonder how the passenger is gonna feel being prosecuted for any criminal action concerning the injury of a child they allowed to be drive in a vehicle with out a car seat.

The problems from something like this range from nothing to a full blown **** storm. That being said, how comfortable are you playing the odds?