For your safety

Get a dash cam and pepper spray, you don’t have to use it inside the car, if the guy comes after you in the front seat you’ll have it to protect yourself once outside the car! This is about you protecting your well being don’t think about the account holders feelings. You felt threaten and you need to protect you!!!

It’s easy for everyone to say to end the ride etc, etc but these kind of things happen so fast and at times it’s hard to think on your toes. Plus being female and all. Personally, I think you did an excellent job considering the creepiness factor and you potentially (with how u handled the situation) diffused a dangerous situation.

I suppose it depends on where you are and how busy the local police are. In my neighborhood the police will come when you call if you have no reason at all. But in many areas where I drive they’re busy with actual crimes.

It is not! People can order rides for other people. Letting someone send use the account is what is prohibited. I’ve done 100s of rides that were ordered by someone else. Never had an issue.

You’d think huh… add a little alcohol and guys are pigs. Hell, most of us are before alcohol is added. If you brush off his comments, in his mind you like what he’s saying. You need to cut that shit off right away. It will escalate quickly if you don’t.

What this means is, there can not be two rides going simultaneously from one account. If Bob and Joe goes out and Bob orders a ride for joe. Bob cannot order a ride for himself until Joe’s ride is completed.

Yes, but that is often how people want to try and get tbeir friends home. happened to me last week, in fact. i actually waited until the friend signed herself up for uber and she pinged me herself. but it also speaks to liability. anytime a driver steps out of the tos they won’t be covered by the uber insurance.

I would have asked not to be paired with him after the first incident. The very first time someone won’t get out of my car, I will drive to the police station and have him escorted out. As a female driver, I’ve worried about this type of thing…but I think I’ve significantly cut down my risk by not driving the night time drunks

Well, you can’t be blocked from someone if they didn’t use their account to hail you. If the two girls used the account, got out, and he was left, there’s no way to know who he is. He probably used his own account next, so it wouldn’t have mattered.

In that case, when I showed up and saw it was him…I’d keep on driving, leaving him standing there. I’d deal with the bad rating and the cancelled ride.

I have all the police stations in SF saved as favorites in Waze. I use a bluetooth earpiece so passengers can’t hear the nav. I haven’t had to, but I have no shame driving to a police station and ending the trip there.

IMO pepper spray in a confined space, gel or not, is a bad idea, as are most other weapons if the passengers are in the rear seat. Find a busy street, stop the car with flashers on, pull the key and get out. You can do this pretty quickly. Call for help. Put distance between you and the passenger. In other words, overreact defensively.

I’m shooting the pepper spray into the confined space after I’m already out; leaving quickly with my phone and keys, calling 911 and possibly yelling loudly.

From what I understand clean-up of pepper spray is not trivial. It is made up of a few different parts - oil, pepper dust, and dye. Some of the dyes are permanent, others react to UV light, etc, and each part can require specialty cleanup. If I’m out of the car with keys and phone, I’m not assaulting my car with overspray.

From my own experience; that’s clearly the route of a drunk pax that can’t recall their own address and pretty much a normal drunk pax conversation. As a guy I would not have thought twice about it but I can see how it would be weird for a woman driver, but then I’m sober.

Not so, if the local cops have time they can run his stats and see if he is a repeat offender. Then they wod pay him a visit. Otherwise, it would not hurt to file a report and get a paper trail started if this guy is a stalker. All a pax needs is yiur license ate number and some creepy friends who have access to dmv recirds to find out where a driver lives.