For real though how is Surge not applied to cancellation fees?

I just had a guy dick me around on a 3.5 surge. I drove to where he requested the ride. He called me about two minutes into the wait timer and told me he was at a different bar about a half-mile away. No problem I drove to pick him up. I get there and he calls me again and says hey man I got into another Uber I’m all set for the night please cancel. So I just wasted all that time to get $3.75? Oh and by the way during this time the surge is done and I don’t get another ride for the rest of the night because my city empties out in 15 minutes after all the bars close. It just makes sense to apply the surge to cancellation fees. The drivers make more, Uber can take more of a cut. And it teaches these drunk entitled assholes a lesson

the thing in this situation, if the rider asked you to move from original pick up, and you do, and You cancel it’s against your acceptance rating and star rating because the customer can say you never showed and Uber will list it as not picking up at location. By forcing them to cancel it affects themselves. If they refuse contact Uber support and explain the situation so the trip cannot reflect bad on you.
If you mark yourself arrived and leave empty it’s against the driver.
Sometimes being a responsible driver is a pain, but run your business with integrity.

if he called the customer via the app, it is recorded and there is proof the customer requested the cancel. There is an option for that in the app. A phone call to Uber to point this out is recommended as is asking uber to not pair you with them again so you dont get this again from the same customer on the next surge. If a customer already jerked you around like this why would you continue to allow then to do so by waiting for them to cancel. They aren’t usually going to do so and you will be wasting time waiting on them. Just cancel with the reason of rider requested it and move on. Call uber later and explain what happened and get them banned at least from you. You dont want to keep getting that guy.

Starting a ride with no rider is fraudulent and a driver should never do that. It will also allow the customer to rate you.

Passenger called driver. There are only record time, date. Duration of calls not context.
And your “starting a ride with no rider…customer to rate you.” Is redundant of me saying the same thing without the “customer rating you” part. BUt thanks for the mansplsining.

Your advise about telling the passenger to cancel I like, however I submit it will be a waste of time to call Uber about this. I suggest conserving your energy for something else you have a chance on.

Why answer calls…or msgs… if rider not coming out in 5min…after time then hit cancel… adios bye pay me my $3.75 dont trust these people

Totally agree! I had three cancels in a row during bar closing last night! I didn’t even drive tonight - not worth the hassle.

Surge hasn’t been applied to cancellation fees since about 2015. Those were the good ol days, but too many dishonest drivers took advantage of it, and it was taken away.
Soon after that, Uber actually took away the cancellation fee! Unbelievable, right? Well it’s true.
Then when they gave us back the cancellation fee, there was no surge, AND they started taking a percentage of them.

You totally should have. When a passenger questions me about it, I tell them gas is expensive. And if I have to burn extra I’m gonna earn extra

How is a drunk entitled? That word is being wrongly used in so many situations.

If anything, don’t deal with the drunks and bars especially at closing. In most markets, they’re not going that far; a surge only entices a driver into situations like the one you’ve described.

Ah, but there are lucrative opportunities: If you can claim that $150 indemnification. But how often does that happen?

all depends on the market. My state everyone lives in the suburbs and party in the city. Most rides home are 15 minutes at least.

All the surge is gone in San Francisco now it’s a flat fee. I cancel long trip sometime because uber only gives me$1.00 extra what a slap in the face

With the new surge, the dollar amount hangs with you after a cancellation so you still have it for the next ride. That’s about the only thing that’s good about it.