For all the people that defend drivers who operate vehicles with cosmetic damage

You should be smart enough to know that it represents ALL drivers.
It ultimately helps form a negative image of Rideshare drivers ( you ) and hurts ( your ) financial bottom line.

This is what happened in the taxi industry.

It only takes one or two negative experiences before a consumer will look into other options.

Furthermore cosmetic damage is that much more damaging because the consumer doesn’t even need to use the service to be deterred from it…

Cosmetic damage creates a negative visual experience that can cause the consumer to correlate that with any negative things they may have heard about the service.

Drivers here SHOULD post photos of damaged Uber cars they see on the road… as this provides an outside perspective for those who do have damage to their own vehicles.

Considerate policing from within.

But then again, those with critical thinking should note those that cannot provide anything but attacks to other members, disrespect, and the inability to provide adhesion to rules. If they can’t follow the group rules, it’s an obvious observation they won’t follow Uber and Lyft ToS.

Most riders are more concerned with cost. If my ass can be hauled with s band aided car for half the price of a taxi, I’ll accept the band aid

Let the market economy take care of it. If someone with some cosmetic damage stays afloat in terms of rating 4.6+, it is likely that he or she is a really good driver. I doubt that pax would rate well damaged/dirty car

lol If they are such a great driver why is there so much damn damage?

Wait… let me guess… none of it was thier fault?

Well again… if they’d been such a great driver they should have avoided it all.

Cabs be cosmetically changed 2. What are u saying who cares. Customer can cancel That easily. On the 2 next 1

Love the responses, the “look at me, I’m going to be a douchebag and post my pissy opinion so I can make myself feel superior…even though I’m completely in the wrong.”

Dumb fucks, there, ya want to call people names? Fine, but I’ll do it correctly by calling the small few dumb fucks for attacking others here.

Fucking dumb fucks, cosmetic damage is grounds for deactivation, again dumb fucks.…/23-reasons-why-your-uber-car…/

Actually, from my experience the driver with the messed up car is actually making me a bit more because my customer is greatful for being in a nicer, cleaner vehicle. But, with that being said, mind your own business, why worry about someone elses problems, if it’s an issue the public will take care of it, I am more disrupted by their inability to drive the car not the fact it has ding or scratch.

“Mind my own business?”
“Why worry about other?”

Clearly you can’t read… ( or have a real short term memory issue ) because that’s what the whole post was about… smh.

What happened to the taxi Industry is they’re all assholes nobody gave a shit about the cars

So when there is something worthwhile for a pax to really complain about you would rather let the driver do the policing lol

So if someone backs into your quarter panel in a parking lot and it makes a little dent then you should just stop driving, lose out on your income, and just go find a money tree to get it fixed until insurance takes care of it? If the driver has a high rating and the car has a little dent then it’s literally a non issue. Why don’t you just focus on your clients and lucrative career that you humbly brag so much about? You do you