Follow these simple tips to become a better and healthy Uber or Lyft driver

Want to become a better Lyft/Uber driver? For that, you must be aware of the basics. Many a time as a Rideshare driver you harp more on Earning strategies in an attempt to become cleverer than any average driver. But, it is the simplest of things that work as a key to becoming a better rideshare driver is what you forget to check, things that can enhance your abilities to earn more by driving. These are those intangible aspects like food habits, health, and sleep that play a huge role in a driver's life and career. They are truly hard to number in comparison to building strategies via analysis.

It is challenging to keep the headspace on track especially when you need to drive around 60 hours a week which mandatorily involves "Quest Pay" & "Peak Hours." Maybe if you are prone to smoking, you automatically end up smoking even harder when the driving job involves the burden of navigating peak hour traffic every 2 times per day.

So, here in this article, the top essentials in the path of becoming a hero driver have been listed. Do have a look!

Sleep: Stay fresh & save yourself an accident

As a driver who doesn't wish to earn more? The best way to do that is driving in the peak hours. Yes, it is true that the mornings are the busiest, but there are other peak hours too when the ride prices go high. You must be sure to take the call of fixing a driving schedule for yourself because continuous driving without proper sleep can make you extremely cranky. It is important to realize and understand that driving in all the peak hours is not feasible no matter how tempting it is. One reason is that your mind won't stay fresh to handle passengers or traffic and the second is this that driving with a crappy mood can end you up in an unwanted crappy accident that can bring more than extra money at stake. All that for not enough sleep, not worth it!

Have necessary Driver friends

The key is not about having colleagues but real-time driver friends, not some Facebook group, but people you meet up and hang out with for real. Most drivers get burnt when on the road out of loneliness. If you can even chit-chat on Zello or Voxer during a driven, that helps. Being social with fellow drivers can unravel gems like sharing local rideshare strategies. Airports or company- organized driver events are good places to start off with the necessary socializing. You never know what you end up with these friends or business associates. Perhaps even a Driving Club!

Packing healthy snacks & food

If you keep on delaying this step for ages, it will never happen. After all, the promise of doing necessary things tomorrow is quite tempting but then it'll do you no good at all. Of course, visiting a Diner for fast food might seem to be a relief from passenger experiences for a while, but there cannot be an alternative to eating healthy in a driver's profession, not to mention there are certain additional benefits to it as well.

If you are wondering what proper planning and packing of healthy food can get you, here they are:


Always remember that eating cheap fast foods on the road will only lead you to have the terrible next two hours. Moreover, if this routine is stretched for very long, it may take a toll on your health in a severe manner. This is all the more applicable if you are a full-time driver.

It is essential to pack healthy meals, saves you from spending on doctors and medicines. Another vital thing is to have timely meals. This is crucial to becoming a good and a better-earning driver. If you practice eating healthy and timely food, the result will reflect in your day-end earnings. It is obvious if you can be alert for long you can automatically drive efficiently for longer without any complaints.


You can easily distribute your costs over the week if you have your food planned right. But, more than this the improvement of energy levels is more important to consider with well planned healthy food.

The Caffeine plan

You sure do not want to drive around the neighborhood half awake like a zombie. The intake of caffeine can help you as an Uber or Lyft driver a lot when it comes to being wide awake and alert while driving for long hours. If people tell you any different, it is best not to listen. Of course, too much of caffeine intake is bad but not if taken in restricted dosage. An excessive amount of caffeine can increase the urge of peeing and not just that it may also trigger unwanted anxiety & dehydration. But, are you aware of the benefits of it while driving? It is best to spread dosages with a gap of few hours and per serving should not be more than a 250 mg. Yes, if you maintain the gap of one serving each in the morning, afternoon & evening, be sure that you can easily stretch for 12 hours of back to back rides. As much as this technique can work wonders, it is also crucial to keep in mind that you need to enough water alongside or else the strategy will fail.

Casual strolls during breaks

As drivers, it is common and logical to take momentary breaks from the "hands at the wheel" mode. But, rather than spending it ogling and being busy with your phone, a casual walk is always better. Getting away from the car for a while to stretch a leg can give you a sense of own time, a time beyond and out of your job realm. It certainly is refreshing.

Wear running shoes, prevent soars and cramps

Driving for long hours can give you feet soars and cramps. Any normal show would wear out near the ankle area very soon, but things are different if you shift to athletic or running shoes. The feet movement that is required in driving is handled best by the soft yet strong heels of running shoes. Moreover, it also lengthens your hours of driving since feet won't hurt any longer.

Thus, make your driving job easier and a lot more comfortable and better with these simple tips.