Flat tire tonight

So, I got a flat tonight. Should I call another lyft or Uber driver to assist me in changing this flat…

We actually have life 360 and pay for it monthly to help our memebers in case they get flats, run out of gas or get in a wreck!!

I’ve noticed that if you just get out and open the trunk, someone will stop to help (change the tire).

Attention Snowflakes: I know it’s December and this is your month to really shine, but I would like to let you know that eventually it won’t be cold and you will melt. I’m sorry ahead of time. For a limited time however, I will be selling storage space in my freezer for those of you who don’t wish to melt. Pricing will vary.

I don’t see any snowflakes whining, however, I do hear a boatload of conservatives doing it. This is for Uber and Lyft help and support, if you can’t help or support, dont comment . Simple , even for those minds that fell for the con of the orangatan.

I helped a fellow driver in Phoenix market just this past week who reached out in our Phoenix drivers group while others taunted him. I left my bed to go change his tire and put on his donut for him and recommended where he can get quick tire repair for cheap.

It was nice to just help out a fellow driver struggling to make a living and not expect anything for it.

‘Tis the season! :christmas_tree:

I got 3 sons, sprint roadside, Lyft platinum (but I do know how to change a tire because for some reason my ex though it was important) But I will never change a tire … it ruins your nails.

Oh Lord, bunch of useless, self entitled, lazy asses, narrow minds, oh n did I forget that your an adult n driving for money! Roadside should’ve been the first thing u added to your insurance! I don’t feel bad, when I need something, most likely u can YouTube it! So good luck to u!

Just turn it over it’s only flat on the bottom… cant you change a tire yourself? its not hard

mine is under the car and the crappy jack in the boot is a joke. So I pay $1.50 a month for roadside assistance via USAA. My car also has a free one for tows to the dealer. I’m not about to crawl around on my back in the dirt in my good clothes to change a tire. Nope, I do tip though. :grimacing:

Can’t change your own tire shouldn’t be driving for cash or to drive period ! It should be part of the test to get your license .

changing a tire is not in the same category as operating a motor vehicle.

What you’re saying is basically the same as you shouldn’t own a computer if you don’t know how to repair it.

your computer wont leave ya stranded on the side of the road . I can see if not physically able call some one but for lack or try or want to get a little dirty some people are Just lazy

I agree people should know how to change a tire. But what about all these new cars that don’t come with spares.

Is this your first winter driving or what? The concept of giving people a jump started when rideshare started. It’s not even that cold yet and you’ve made 2 posts about it already. Wait until you get multiple requests in the same week. You’re going to lose your ish 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾

Nevermind. You’re in Texas. I’m in Chicago. This is quite commonplace here. Still. No need for 2 posts.

No, this is what AAA or some other roadside asst program is for. you could update your post to say, “assist me in changing this flat tire OR use your AAA.” AAA is universal since the membership is tied to the acct holder and Not the actual car they own, only the car their driving or are a passenger of.
Besides, you could get a driver that says No or is physically unable to help you. On top of that, you’ll get charged the cancellation fee. Or if a driver does help you, they could get injured in doing so. Tires are not 5-10lbs.

I live my car right there and go to sleep in the back seat and dream of a very beautiful babe fixing my tire for me, by the time I wake up the tire is fixed. That’s how I do it. I mean fix it😝

Merry Christmas to all!!! From Tampa Bay Fl… remember is the season of giving… doesn’t necessarily means a wrapped up present… someone may need help on the road or someone may need a hug! :heart:️:heart:️:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: take the time to give your self to someone in need!

Sorry to say a lot of people don’t really care. Just depend on yourself. And AAA to help… It should be included in your car insurance. Mine is. Goodluck and Merry Christmas… and stay safe…