First Experience With Lyft And Uber As A Rider

Took the 1st Uber and Lyft as a Pax tonight for the 1st time in a long time what an experience

  1. The quoted trip to the bar was significantly less than coming home. My GF was using her rider app, and I checked my driver app there was no surge occurring at that time. It was $11.00 to get there and $19.00 to $22.00 to go home again according to my driver app no surge was occurring to explain the price difference, and it was fluctuating from minute to minute as we turned the app on and off trying to understand the pricing difference.

  2. The Uber driver told me how little he drives part-time weekend day only and somehow pays his 2016 Prius Uber lease unlimited miles by leaving it on his counter sitting home only taking calls when they ping and a few airport runs. Wonder if because he has a lease Uber sends him more pings to make sure he doesn’t default on his lease cause the amount of money he claimed to make covers his lease and he still takes money home. (I run similar hours and even overnight bar crowd and don’t come close to the money he claims)

  3. I ended up grabbing a Lyft home because of the pricing difference Uber wanted for going to the bar vs. going home. Lyft was $10.00 to $12.00 cheaper again no surge going on according to my Uber app. So are they charging the customer surge and not passing it on to the driver?

OK, I’m curious thoughts on others who may have had similar findings?

I had a pax yesterday tell me she checked prices at two different places in the same mall, one at Starbucks and the other at a movie theater a few doors down. Starbucks was quoting $5.00 higher than the movie theater. The special pricing didn’t make any sense to her or me.

Uber is definitely not sending him more because of his lease - he’s probably fibbing to you about his online time practices and something

With upfront prices, you are not going to see many surges. They just build it into their price and get to pay the driver the basic fare. That’s probably why there was the price difference going home. It may also include the “guaranteed rates” that occur instead of surging.

Really? I don’t know I never really had to worry about it. I used to take Uber for business all the time never concerned about the price. Many times the upfront estimate was always less than the ultimate total but was just odd that there was no surge occurring and the price was so high… especially in the suburbs not like I was in a downtown busy area

They rip us off any way they can. Watch your instant pays… they took $.50 out twice again on me. And again, I messaged them, and they adjusted it.

They charge the rider based on of the route they think the driver will take and if it equals out everything is cool if the ride is less than they guesstimated they take the overage and pocket it. If it’s more than the estimate, then they’ll charge the rider to make up the difference to pay the driver

I’m doing all this research for you the drivers, the people, to get you a national voice give me time we are building will make it work

The pricing for rides does change a lot depending on the time of day even if there’s no surge.

Not a cheap ass client although I did feel like it lol playing Lyft V Uber deal… but seriously the pricing was drastically different from when we went out at 8:30 and tried to return home at 11 pm. $12.00 in fee is a lot. If I were getting this kind of difference, I’d drive a lot more than I have been