Financing a car through Uber

financing a car through Uber is anybody know how to do that had to go that it has anybody done it I had a vehicle that was driving through her but I lost the vehicle and have been told you can get a vehicle through uber

I’ve heard of Uber doing it. Also lyft does it to I believe it’s 150 or 175 a week to rent through lyft

I think my niece said her husband rents from lyft by the day. I don’t see how they make enough to cover it but she swears they do. That’s how both of them are paying rent etc…

I know they do it I just find someone who knows more about it or someone who is used it to help me through it would really like to look into it more

Why fucked up your personal car on Uber.???

Just be ready to pay 800 a month to lease one

Depends on the car, they all have different prices, a lease is cheaper then a rental

If you lease (instant pay) goes away forever, If you rent a car (instant pay) is on, no worries

If you lease and loose car Uber will fire you, rent a car do not matter, Flex Drive you do even have to work for Uber after you get it long as you make a payment every week…

Be sure to set up 8 different GPS devices too so you look super cool for your riders

Cool is very important, boring ass Uber driver is not

Cool or boring regular motherfucker???

Riders keep money in my pocket, Uber drivers can fuck off

And you’re putting your riders safety in jeopardy with all those distractions

You’re making yourself look more and more dumb with every post you make

Lol nobody take advice from Terrance Trent Darby lol.

I’am 10,000 upside down on my 2015 Prius with 100.500 miles, so I think 200 a week might be o.k.

Uber sucks you’re better off finding another driving job

Uber is like playing football without a helmet

Going all in with 2/7 off suit every hand

Your going to lose in the long run