Financing a car through Uber


(Mark Moore) #1

financing a car through Uber is anybody know how to do that had to go that it has anybody done it I had a vehicle that was driving through her but I lost the vehicle and have been told you can get a vehicle through uber

(Kelly Hector) #2

I’ve heard of Uber doing it. Also lyft does it to I believe it’s 150 or 175 a week to rent through lyft

(Bector Ernest) #3

I think my niece said her husband rents from lyft by the day. I don’t see how they make enough to cover it but she swears they do. That’s how both of them are paying rent etc…

(Melinda Foster) #4

I know they do it I just find someone who knows more about it or someone who is used it to help me through it would really like to look into it more

(Jonathan Green) #5

Why fucked up your personal car on Uber.???

(Peter Nelson) #6

Just be ready to pay 800 a month to lease one

(Harold Young) #7

Depends on the car, they all have different prices, a lease is cheaper then a rental

(Dennis Scott) #8

If you lease (instant pay) goes away forever, If you rent a car (instant pay) is on, no worries

(Allicia Lopez) #9

If you lease and loose car Uber will fire you, rent a car do not matter, Flex Drive you do even have to work for Uber after you get it long as you make a payment every week…

(Jerry Hall) #10

Be sure to set up 8 different GPS devices too so you look super cool for your riders

(Timothy Clark) #11

Cool is very important, boring ass Uber driver is not

(Harris Frank) #12

Cool or boring regular motherfucker???

(Eric Moore) #13

Riders keep money in my pocket, Uber drivers can fuck off

(Jill Aron) #14

And you’re putting your riders safety in jeopardy with all those distractions

(Jose Hernandez) #15

You’re making yourself look more and more dumb with every post you make

(Anderson Lee) #16

Lol nobody take advice from Terrance Trent Darby lol.

(Kenneth Miller) #17

I’am 10,000 upside down on my 2015 Prius with 100.500 miles, so I think 200 a week might be o.k.

(Paul Garcia) #18

Uber sucks you’re better off finding another driving job

Uber is like playing football without a helmet

Going all in with 2/7 off suit every hand

Your going to lose in the long run